Impact Report

Guild of Students Impact Report 2020/21

Another extraordinary year!

Like organisations across the world, your Guild of Students continued to face many challenges over the past year, due to Covid-19. From our planned activity often changing at very short notice, to another lockdown which meant large periods of time when we were all working from home, and where we constantly had to think of new and exciting ways to engage students, when everyone seemed to be suffering from online fatigue and digital overload.  Despite all this, our determined and resilient staff and officer team rose to the challenge and kept going to ensure we remained focussed in our objectives, motivated to provide the very best service to our members and stakeholders, and that we never stopped providing the best possible service to our students.

2020-21 was the third year of our current strategy and this Impact Report is a roundup of the year in terms of what we did, what went well, what didn’t quite go to plan, what we need to learn from, and most importantly, how we can make the next academic year bigger and better!

This Impact Report is split into our five strategic aims:

- Engagement & Participation
- Communication & Branding
- Academic & Learning Experience
- Representing the Student Voice
- Mental Health & Financial Assistance

Read on for a breakdown of exactly what your Guild has done in terms of achieving our aims, and why we continue to be extremely proud of our Guild family.

Engagement & Participation

Not even a global pandemic could stop us engaging with our members!

Although our engagement levels were significantly reduced, we did everything we could to encourage participation, by transforming our traditional activity and making it 100% digital, or by offering socially distanced, in-person events, when Government guidance allowed.

The types of engagement and participation we offered this year, included:

New Student Group Members
Welcome Back
Joe's Bar
Save A Society
Guild Awards
Online Elections
Community Wardens
UoBE Festival

Communication & Branding

Communication with our students was more important than ever this year! From keeping them updated with important information regarding their possible return to University, the No Detriment policy and the importance of adhering to Government guidance on COVID-19, to helping them retain some sense of normality by organising virtual events such as quizzes, meet ups, and even our Welcome and Societies Fair.

The breadth of our communications was vast and included:

Tik Tok
Elections Results Night
Not On Campaign
Virtual Fairs
Guild Awards
New Brand

Academic & Learning Experience

Ensuring that our students receive a first class academic and learning experience is always important to us, but never more so than when the way in which they learn, was constantly changing.

We made sure that even during lockdown, we continued to lobby the University to implement key changes in response to student feedback.

We did this by:

Access and Participation Plan
Guild Advice
SRS Users
Decolonisation in Practice
Student Reps
Outstanding Teaching Awards
National Student Survey
Guild's Annual Survey

Representing the Student Voice

This year more than ever, we needed to amplify our students’ voices even more, to ensure their feedback, campaigns and opinions were represented to the University and acted upon. Our Officer Team led on a range of campaigns that were either suggested by our members, or by events that occurred either at Birmingham, or in the wider community.

All of this couldn’t have happened without the continuation of our democratic structures, which saw us:

Spring Elections
Autumn Elections
Ideas for Change
Black Voices
Go Green Week
Decision Making Committees

Mental Health & Financial Assistance

Supporting our students was a vital part of our work this year. National lockdowns and Government restrictions created a number of problems for everyone, but not least for our students, who had lost the ability to earn extra money, to socialise with their peers, and to make use of the support networks they could usually rely on.

That’s where our Community Welfare and Guild Advice teams stepped in to provide a whole range of support to our students, including:

Wellbeing Calls
Covid Response Fund
Student Mentors
Ideas for Change
Safety Campaign
Selly Express
Hall Reps
Study Packs
Wellbeing Fairy

And Finally

The examples above are not an exhaustive list of all of the tasks we completed last year.  We were also:

Best Companies
Employee Satisfaction
Gender Pay Gap
Just Eat
Old Joe Elections
Human Resources
Just Eat
Green Impact Awards
Staff Intranet
Christmas Card

Latest Student Deals

Teach First
NHS Living Well
German Doner Kebab