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Would you like to Lead Your Student Group? This is your chance, as you can apply for a role and steer your student group in the year ahead.

Student Group Committees are a huge and important part of any society. Each year we host elections to decide just who should sit on those committees and help to steer each student group in the year ahead.

From Secretary to Treasurer, by applying for a role or voting in the Election, you can have a big say over how your group will be run, as well as the campaigns and events your group will be focusing on, going forward.

Make sure you get involved and have your say!

Documents & FAQ's

Applications Pack Documents


Election Regulations

All candidates must take responsibility to read these regulations and ensure that their campaign teams know about these. Not knowing about the regulations is not an excuse for breaking them. If the regulations are unclear or you need more help at any time, please email the Groups Team.


Guild of Students Byelaws

Please refer to Bye Law 8 with regards to Elections and Bye Law 6 with regards to Committees of the Guild.


Guild of Students Zero Tolerance Policy

The Guild believes that a Zero Tolerance approach should be taken towards any form of harassment based on defining protected characteristics that takes place in any of the Guild’s venues or events.


University Harassment and Bullying Policy

The University is committed to creating a working and learning environment free from harassment and discrimination in which all staff, students and visitors to the University are treated with dignity and respect.


Complaints Procedure

The Complaints Procedure explains how we will deal with any elections complaints.


Complaint Form

A student or candidate wishing to submit an election complaint must do so by using this Complaint Form. This must be sent by email to the Student Groups team.

All complaints must be substantiated with evidence in support of their complaint where possible.


Disabled Students Policy

Plain Text Version

Our Disabled Students’ Policy offers the practical support of a student staff member to help disabled candidates with elections activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a position in a Committee Election?

Go to www.guildofstudents.com/elections between 9am Saturday 3rd June and 12pm Wednesday 7th June. You must be logged in!

Then select the Committee Role you’re interested in and follow the instructions.

I can’t see the committee role I want to stand for - why is this?

First, make sure you’re logged in. You also need to make sure that you have bought a membership for the group you’re looking for. If you haven’t done this already, you can buy this online via the Guild website. 

If you’ve done all of this and you still can’t stand, email studentgroups@guild.bham.ac.uk

How can I find out more about a committee role?

You should contact the Student Group, Association, Volunteering Group or MedSoc Group directly to find out more.  

Can I stand for more than 1 committee role in the same Student Group?

Yes, if you want to nominate yourself for more than one role, you can do so. If you win more than one election, we’ll get in touch after voting has closed so you can choose which role to take up.

Remember, you must submit your applications for any role you’re interested in before 12pm Wednesday 7th June. We cannot accept any applications after this time.

Can I share a committee role with my friend (e.g. stand together as social sec)?

Yes, as long as your Student Group allows committee members to share a role. You should check with them before nominating yourself.

In this case, only one of you should log in and submit your application. However, you should put both of your names in the “Display Name” box and email studentgroups@guild.bham.ac.uk to confirm that you are standing together.

Please note: you cannot role share a President, Secretary or Treasurer role.

I’m a current committee member - some of our committee roles are missing from the election. What can we do?

Email studentgroups@guild.bham.ac.uk with full details of the missing / incorrect roles.

When is voting open?

Voting is open from 12pm Thursday 8th June until 5pm Sunday 11th June.

When will results be announced?

Results will be announced in the week after voting closes.

What Is The Elections Timeline?

3rd June
7th June


8th June
11th June


12th June


Current Election

Elections are only available for students at the University of Birmingham.

If you are a current student, please login to continue.

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