Sports Night & Sports Ball Afterparty

Wednesday 05 June 2024

11pm - 4am



Welcome to the ultimate fusion of athleticism and nightlife euphoria – it's time to gear up for our Sport Nights Club event! Get ready to witness the transformation of our venue into a sports haven where the excitement of the squad meets the pulsating beats of the night.

Continue the celebration with our late-night vibes as the dance floor takes center stage, and the party evolves into a dynamic nightlife experience.

Get ready for a night where the thrill of sports meets the exhilaration of the club scene. The Sports Nights Club event is not just about cheering for your team; it's about celebrating victories, creating memories, and experiencing the best of both worlds. Grab your club mates, rally your members, and join us for a sports night like no other!

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VK Buckets for £5 Share the fun with friends and enjoy the vibrant flavors of VKs in a convenient bucket. For just £5, you'll have a bucket filled with your favorite VKs, creating the perfect communal experience.

6 Shots of Corkys Sour for £6 Get ready to pucker up with the zesty goodness of Corkys Sour shots. Six shots for just £6 will add a tangy twist to your night, creating a flavor-packed journey that's perfect for sharing.

4 J-Bombs for £6 Elevate the energy with our explosive J-Bombs deal. Four Jagerbombs for only £6 will give your night the kick it needs, setting the stage for a lively and unforgettable experience.

2 VKs for £6 Double the fun with our 2 VKs for £6 offer. Whether you're enjoying them solo or sharing with a friend, this deal ensures that you can savor the taste of VKs without breaking the bank.

These fantastic drink deals are designed to add a splash of excitement to your night, creating an atmosphere where you can celebrate without worrying about the cost. Gather your crew, hit the dance floor, and make the most of these unbeatable offers.