SCREAM Table Read on Zoom

Friday 14 June 2024

7pm - 10pm



Hey horror fans, what's your favourite scary movie?

Come join us at 7pm on zoom on the 14th June for a table read of the groundbreaking cult classic, Scream (1996)! Come along to watch, share with friends and family! It's certain to be a fun and horrifying time!

Synopsis: "When Sidney receives a mysterious phone call and finds that her friends are being killed, she suspects that a serial killer may be on the prowl, who is also linked to her mother's murder."

The cast consists of talented students from UoB who have volunteered to read the script (sometimes as multiple characters) and have shown their passion for the horror genre. We are incredibly thankful for them and their dedication! <3 Note that this table read will be recorded and that the actors are reading from an older version of the script, so certain elements will differ from the official movie. Zoom link: 

Stay spooky!

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