Relax, have fun and make memories with your flatmates, as we welcome you to the University of Birmingham!

The University and your Guild of Students are proud to present Lakeside; a relaxed, outdoor event that not only introduces you to life at Birmingham, but also brings you together with your flatmates, to have fun and make lasting memories.

As well as an outdoor cinema, you’ll be able to listen to live music from the Lakeside House Band and additional music supplied by students and semi-professional groups from the Birmingham area, enjoy street food delivered directly to your table, all while you look forward to taking part in our fun activities designed to help you try new things and really get to know your flatmates. 


For just £12 for a table of up to 6 people, this is a great opportunity to really get to know your flatmates and ease yourself in to life at Birmingham, all while following current social distancing guidelines!  There are two types of tickets: Lakeside Hub, and Lakeside Cinema. Slots last for 4 hours, from 6 – 10pm.

You need to book with your household group of up to six people, and stay with them.  Your flat isn’t for six people? No problem - you can still book a £12 table for a smaller group.  We will be following the Government's 'Rule of Six' for this event.

Get your tickets below.

Keeping You Safe

If you're worried about COVID-19 and how we will be keeping you safe at Lakeside, download our Customer Handbook about the necessary precautions we've put into place. 


Find Lakeside at the Vale Village

With rolling green fields around you and everything undercover in case it rains.

We’ve put a range of systems in place to keep you safe and well, from temperature checks to marshals who’ll help you find your way around.

  1. Decide as a flat whether you would prefer to watch a film at our outdoor cinema, OR take part in activities in our ‘Hub’. To help you decide, click on the links below to find out exactly which films you can watch in our outdoor cinema, OR which activities you can take part in at The Hub
  2. Decide on a date and time when you and your flatmates are all available to attend Lakeside
  3. ONE person within your flat then needs to click on the link below to book a ticket to either the Outdoor cinema OR the ‘Hub’.
  4. You will only need ONE ticket for your entire flat. The ticket allows entry for up to a maximum of SIX people
  5. The person within your flat who is booking the ticket will then need to make a list of all people (up to a maximum of 6 in total) from your flat who are attending Lakeside - you'll need it when we contact you after you've booked your ticket.
  6. Everyone who is attending Lakeside, whether it’s to watch a film in our outdoor cinema OR taking part in activities in the Hub, will need to read the Terms & Conditions below. Due to current social distancing measures, these terms and conditions will be strictly adhered to, to ensure the safety of you, your flatmates and everyone attending Lakeside.

Lakeside Terms & Conditions

The University of Birmingham and your Guild of Students intends to make Lakeside a safe and fun event for everyone attending.  Here are some important terms and conditions that you will need to pay attention to:

  1. The University and your Guild reserve the right to update or amend these Entry Terms & Conditions as required.
  2. The University and your Guild reserves the right to alter or, in the case of adverse weather conditions, to curtail or cancel the performance.
  3. The Event operates using eTickets only, which are sent to you by email. These must be downloaded to your phone (or similar) device prior to arrival. eTickets cannot be exchanged, refunded, or returned after purchase.
  4. Your ticket is non-refundable unless the University and your Guild cancels the Event.
  • Lost tickets will not be replaced • COVID-19 related cancellations will be refunded
  1. All people within a ticket group, must be from the same household
  1. Tickets are non-transferable for profit / gain and non-refundable except in the instance of Event cancellation. The University and your Guild does not accept liability for any personal compensation claims for a cancelled performance.
  2. The Event is open to currently registered University of Birmingham students & post-grads only – non-University of Birmingham students are not permitted to attend.
  • University ID will be required to be presented on entry
  1. All customers consent to having their temperature checked on entry. Groups where a guest has a temperature in excess of 37.8 Degrees Celsius will be refused entry and required to return 10 minutes later for a re-test. A second failure will result in the entire Group being refused entry to Lakeside.
  • Where a Group is refused entry based on a failed temperature check all tickets will be cancelled and refunded via original method of payment
  1. All customers will be required to complete a Track ‘n’ Trace data capture process before entry will be permitted. Failure to do so will result in either non-admittance (without refund) or ejection from the event.
  2. Your agreement to a lawful search is a condition of entry to protect your safety and that of other visitors. We may conduct security searches of clothing, bags and other items, at our reasonable discretion, including on entry and exit. Metal detectors and / or wanding may be in use.
  3. All customers consent to having their belongings searched and a physical pat-down by a registered SIA holding member of staff on entry or re-entry.
  4. The University and your Guild reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any persons for anti-social or threatening behaviour, actions likely to cause damage or injury, any person causing nuisance to others or failing to comply with the reasonable request of the management, or those that are intoxicated through alcohol or illegal substances. Any refusal to cooperate, or the use of abusive, threatening or discriminatory remarks; including comments relating to weapons or explosives will result in entry being refused.
  5. The Event has a Zero Tolerance approach to issues of race, gender or sexual harassment and will refuse admission, eject, or refer on to further agencies as appropriate. 
  1. Any refusal to cooperate with search or other entry processes, including comments relating to weapons or explosives, will result in entry being refused.
  2. All customers must bring adequate face covering (approved for use in England) with them to the Event. These must be worn in the following locations & instances:
  • When entering and leaving the Event
  • When using the toilet facilities
  • When speaking to Event staff
  1. All customers must maintain Physical & Social Distancing at all times in compliance with the current guidelines as applicable in England
  • 2metre minimum distancing should be maintained when walking around the site
  • Attendees must not socialise outside of their group
  1. All customers must wash their hands and/or use hand sanitiser regularly. Hand sanitising stations will be located around the Venue.
  2. The use of illegal substances including new psychoactive substances (NPS) or similar is strictly forbidden. Any persons found in possession of illegal or illicit substances will be ejected and substances seized. Medicines must be accompanied by a valid prescription or prescribing information, such as a dispensing chemist label.
  3. Customers are not permitted to bring any alcohol or food to the event.
  4. A “Check 25” age verification policy will be in operation for the sale or supply of alcohol. The University and your Guild reserve the right to refuse to serve alcohol to those that are intoxicated, or are likely to become intoxicated if further alcohol is served. All event sessions which serve alcohol are strictly for over-18’s only. The 2 event sessions which are non-alcohol are specifically for those students who are under 18, and any students who would prefer to attend the event without alcohol being served.
  5. Glass is not permitted on-site; please remember that all drinks must be in plastic containers or cans.
  6. Customers who need to bring an item of food or drink with you due to medical or religious requirements, must contact the University or your Guild prior to arrival.
  7. The University and your Guild take no responsibility for lost possessions &/or prohibited items. Prohibited items include:
  • Alcoholic beverages • Glass Bottles • Helium balloons • Flares and firework, smoke grenades, airhorns • Laser Pointers/Pens and Glow Sticks • Sharp objects, any items that could potentially be used as a weapon • Sound-systems, stereos or large PA equipment
  • Audio or Video Recording Devices such as personal computers, laptops, iPads and tablets • Selfie Sticks, Go-Pros or similar devices • Skate board, roller skates, bicycles, hover boards • Lanterns or anything that can be lit with a naked flame • Drones or other UAV devices 
  1. Prohibited items will be removed, confiscated and destroyed on entry. Confiscated items may be available for return post-Event however please check with security staff at the time.
  2. The sale of unauthorised merchandise is prohibited.
  3. Animals are not permitted at the Event. • Registered assistance dogs will be admitted but must be kept under control and on a lead at all times
  4. Please be courteous to our neighbours; when leaving the Event don’t drop litter & keep noise to a minimum.
  5. WARNING: Repeated and prolonged exposure to amplified sound may cause hearing damage. Strobe lighting and other special effects may be used throughout the Event.

Digbeth Dining Club

Digbeth Dining Club

We've lined up the fabulous people from Digbeth Dining Club to bring you the very best street food in Birmingham, straight to your table at Lakeside.

Digbeth Dining Club are famous in these parts for stripping back the frills and fanciness that can come with fine dining, and bringing amazingly tasty, authentic cuisine, at affordable prices.  Offering a wide selction of foods, you'll be hooked from the very first bite.

Please note that food and drink is not included in the cost of your Lakeside ticket to either the Outdoor Cinema, or the Hub.

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