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UOB Girl Gamers

Welcome to UoB Girl Gamers


You might have heard the term ‘gamer girl’ before… we’re reclaiming it!

We are a new society for 22/23, dedicated to creating safe online and offline spaces for women, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students who want to talk about and play video games together.*

Gamer spaces are often dominated by men – in business, on Reddit, and in online multiplayer rooms. Women, non-binary, and GNC gamers can feel excluded in these environments, whether it’s because of their gender, level of experience, or preferred games. We’re tired of it! We created UoB GGs to bring us together and create our own inclusive space.

  • Meet new friends – Our committee and member base is full of like-minded women, non-binary, and GNC students looking for online gaming buddies or friends to grab a drink with (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)!

  • For ALL video game enthusiasts – Whether you’re a black belt gamer or humble Twitch chat dweller, we welcome video game lovers of all kinds and levels of experience. We have a wide variety of platforms among our members (Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile, Xbox, PlayStation…) so there’s something for everyone, however you enjoy your games.

  • We love the games you love – There are so many brilliant games out there, beloved by women, non-binary, and GNC gamers, that get cast off as ‘fake gaming’. We are firm believers that if you play it, it’s a video game.

    • Some of our favourite games:

      • Minecraft
      • Animal Crossing
      • The Sims
      • Stardew Valley
      • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
      • Pokémon
      • Skyrim
      • Assassin’s Creed
      • GTA
      • Valorant
      • ...and many more!


Introducing our 22/23 Committee:

President – Andie (she/they)

Secretary – Jessica (she/her)

Treasurer – Alice (she/her)

Games Rep – Holly (she/her)

Social Rep – Melissa (she/her)


Be a part of our growing community by joining for the 22/23 academic year!

Join our Facebook group, Discord server**, and follow us on Instagram to stay updated on events and socials.


GGs, everybody!


*Our society’s name is a satirical play on the commonly used term ‘girl gamer’, a phrase which some use to separate ‘real’ gamers (men) from us. Despite our title, this society is entirely inclusive of non-binary and GNC students and all those who feel excluded from male-dominated gaming spaces. Please don’t let the name put you off!

**To gain access to the Discord server, join our Facebook group and then join through the pinned link.



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