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Autism Society

Welcome to Autism Society

We are a society for students with Autism (including Asperger's). We run semi-regular social activities aimed at students with Autism. Activities include Indoor Socials, Trips Out & Walks.


Spring Term Activities
Week 1, Card Games
15th January 5PM-7PM, University House G03

In the first activity of this term we will be playing a range of card based games (similar to board games last term, but without the board games).

If you have any games you'd like to bring along to play, please feel free to.

We will also be confirming the plans for the rest of this term in this session, so make sure to come!


Week 4, General Meet-Up
5th February 5PM-7PM, University House 106

This is a general meet up, a meet up which has no specific theme, but is just that of a general gist. Feel free to sit down, stand up, relax and/or talk to other society members.


Week 7, Board Games
26th February 5PM-7PM, University House 106

Pretty much as the title says, we will be having another board games session with all of the board games from the previous board games last term. Feel free to bring your own board games along.


Week 10, TBA
18th March 5PM-7PM, University House 106



Currently waiting to hear back for room bookings, hence TBAs.

We also plan to have a couple of weekend outings & an AGM this term all TBA. 

Connect with Us

We aim to provide an inclusive relaxed environment for autistic students to feel conferrable socialising in. However, there are also other, more formal, services which may be able to help in other ways: 


Frequently Asked Questions
How often are your activities?
Approximately every 3-4 weeks, this may increase in the future.
I have Autism, is this society right for me?
Most likely! Autism is a spectrum disorder and effects each individual differently. Some people find it beneficial to occasionally chat with/be around others with Autism, but this isn't everyone. If you are anxious about attending - please email or message us and we will try to help you be able to come along and try a session.
Do I have to have an Autism diagnosis to attend your activities?
No - as a guild society we have to be fully inclusive and allow anyone to join in. If you think you may have Autism, feel free to come along - but we would strongly recommend seeing your GP to get a proper diagnosis.
Why do you charge for membership?
We are an "activities & interests" society and are therefore required to have a membership fee, we set it at the minimum amount.
How can I contact you?
Are you The Autism Play Project (TAPP)?
No. We are a social activity society for students on the autism spectrum, not a volunteering society.
Can I volunteer with you?
No, we have no need for volunteers (sorry), however you may be interested in The Autism Play Project.
Are all these FAQs genuinely frequently asked?
Some of them, yes, however most are made-up to help provide extra details about the society.




Committee Meeting Minutes

Last Updated: 23/01/2020