What is a campaign/how to get involved?

A Student Campaign is sustained action by a group of students to change something that you want to make better.

You might want to improve the services the university provides (such as contact hours or exam timetabling), or the policies of government towards students (tuition fees or international student visas). You might want to raise awareness of an issue that you care about (like human rights, animal cruelty etc.), or want to fight for a better deal for student rents, travel fares, or hidden course costs.

Whatever you want to change, we can help you!

Why not check out the Guild’s Campaigning history for some more inspiration?

What is a campaign?


A Campaign Is


A Campaign Isn’t

Working to change the policies and/or practices the university, the city council or the government. e.g. We are asking the university to cap student rents on campus at the minimum student loan.

Solely raising money for a charitable cause, as the Guild cannot directly pay for fundraising efforts under charity regulations.

Raising awareness of an issue to our members. e.g Black History Month, Asexual Awareness Week etc...

Trying to change something inside the Guild itself – e.g. More vegan options on Joe’s menu.

If you want to change something that the Guild does, you should go through the Guild’s democratic structures (i.e. Your Ideas, conversations with officers, running for election etc).

Participating in national campaigns (such as NUS campaigns) on issues that affect students now, or will in the future.

Anything that breaks the law. The Guild cannot fund or support with staff time any campaign that plans to use illegal activity to achieve its aims.

Interested in starting a Campaign?

If you’re interested in starting a campaign, but want some help with the details, then let us know by completing the form below.

Alternatively, if you are ready to apply for campaign funding, please go to our Useful Documents page to download the funding form.

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