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Hey, I’m Henny, your Welfare Officer for 2017/2018! I’m here to support you through your journey at university and look after your health, wellbeing and happiness. If you have any personal concerns, study worries, or simply just want to chat then drop me an email or come find me at the Guild. There’s a whole range of support available, and I can help point you in the right direction to the right professional service, should you need it. I want you to get the best out of University life, so please let me know if there is something which is stopping this :-)

Henny Green - Welfare Officer 2017-18

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Henny Green - Welfare Officer 2017-18 Manifesto

officer action plan - Progress Reports

The below outlines progress against key points in my Officer Action Plan. Click each heading to collapse / view progress updates. If you have any questions regarding these, I'd be happy to discuss. Please feel free to get in touch using the 'Contact Me' section above.

Progress Status

5% Complete
  • Spoken to Education Officer about rep training.Autumn 2017
  • Spoken to current societies that have a buddy system.Autumn 2017
  • Waiting for new rep coordinator to discuss current systemAutumn 2017

Progress Status

100% Complete
  • Talked to C&M about the blogAutumn 2017
  • First blog published on the 30th OctAutumn 2017
  • Planning next blogAutumn 2017

Progress Status

25% Complete
  • Contacted Umbrella sexual health service. Have agreed to hand out chlamydia self-testing kits on a weekly basis. Awaiting first date confirmation.Autumn 2017
  • Regular meeting with Guild Advice.Autumn 2017
  • Planning a campaign with Student Voice for March/April which involves sexual health awareness.Autumn 2017

Progress Status

60% Complete
  • Meetings with the welfare tutors at each school and department.Autumn 2017
  • Made sure that each welfare tutor sends a follow up email.Autumn 2017
  • Going to hand out support booklets to the tutors (next step).Autumn 2017
  • Looking at the training welfare tutors receive and making sure that there is a guild involvement.Autumn 2017

Progress Status

25% Complete
  • Meetings with community and welfare managerAutumn 2017
  • Meetings with community safety group.Autumn 2017
  • Meeting with director of support and development.Autumn 2017
  • Looking to promote ‘walking home safe’ apps.Autumn 2017
  • Police patrols are increasing on Guild night time events. Autumn 2017
  • Next step is to plan a campaign around walking home alone. Autumn 2017

Progress Status

5% Complete
  • Started conversation with maintenanceAutumn 2017
  • Looking into cost and number of signsAutumn 2017
  • Also, need to work out a schedule for week of events and type of signs used. E.g. Signs for black history month, disability month etcAutumn 2017

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