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Hiya, I’m Izzie, your Housing and Community Officer this year! I’ve taken a year out of my degree to make sure you guys get a great living experience whilst at UoB, whether that’s in halls or the wonderful Selly Oak. Within my role, I work closely with the RAs, Student Mentors, Community Wardens and others in the local community. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to chat about anything from renting a house to how to recycle. I promise I’m not scary!

Izzy Nicholds - Housing & Community Officer

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Izzy Nicholds - Housing & Community Officer Manifesto

officer action plan - Progress Reports

The below outlines progress against key points in my Officer Action Plan. Click each heading to collapse / view progress updates. If you have any questions regarding these, I'd be happy to discuss. Please feel free to get in touch using the 'Contact Me' section above.

Progress Status

100% Complete
  • Raised the issue in a meeting with UB Security, and conversed over email following recent eventsFeb 2017
  • Pledged on social media via a blog to deliver more practical safety adviceFeb 2017
  • Planning an event for mid-February (delivered on 14/02/2017) to reflect this by working with the Community Warden Coordinator and Student Community Welfare ManagerFeb 2017
  • Ordered more personal safety equipment as well as new promotional material to give out (e.g. flyers, table menus and bar runners)March 2017
  • Utilised WM Police scheme called Safer Students and promoted it at the eventMarch 2017

Progress Status

20% Complete
  • Discussed the best plan of action with the relevant services; Guild Lettings, W.M PoliceMarch 2017
  • Drafted a proposition letter to local landlordsOngoing
  • Researched the most affordable/practical form of CCTV after being advised by W.M PoliceOngoing
  • Held a formal meeting with local Police Officers about the possibilities of more security equipmentOngoing
  • Currently highlighting the areas more at risk based on crime statsOngoing

Progress Status

40% Complete
  • Discussed with managers about doing events in Summer term possibly in conjunction with the Guild’s ‘Destressival’ Feb 2017
  • Possibly expanding the Open Air Cinema event, which launched last yearOngoing
  • Organised a meeting on 7/03/2017 to brainstorm on how to get students out onto campus during exam seasonOngoing
  • Decided on doing a picnic themed free event, more details to follow soonOngoing

Progress Status

100% Complete
  • Gave a list to W.M Police of Guild club nights for the rest of the year 25/11/2016Nov 2016
  • Subsequently, they have increased a presence around Selly Oak, particularly sports nightsOngoing
  • The W.M Police force has also deployed more officers to the area in light of the attacks in DecemberDec 2016
  • They now have maintained a large presence around the Guild and Selly Oak when we have club nightsOngoing

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