Kris Ali - Housing & Community officer

Hi, I’m Kris, your new Housing and Community Officer this year! My job is to make your living experience as safe and enjoyable as possible, whether you’re in first year halls or in Selly Oak. I work alongside the police, University and Council to reduce crime in our community and with the Community Wardens, RAs (the new name of the scheme is yet to be decided) and Student Mentors to provide a safer, cleaner, greener and more social community. I’m also here to deal with all of your housing queries. Do not hesitate to drop me and email or come to my office for any support and a cuppa :-)

Kris Ali - Housing & Community Officer 2017-18

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My manifesto

Kris Ali - Housing & Community Officer 2017-18 Manifesto

officer action plan - Progress Reports

The below outlines progress against key points in my Officer Action Plan. Click each heading to collapse / view progress updates. If you have any questions regarding these, I'd be happy to discuss. Please feel free to get in touch using the 'Contact Me' section above.

Progress Status

80% Complete
  • Police undertaking patrols in Selly Oak on nights where there are late night events on during early hours to keep students safe.Autumn 2017
  • Trial period of security night time patrols (extended to current), with the aim to be implemented completely by Jan 2018.Autumn 2017
  • Weekly All Out patrols with CW and WMP at prevention methods for students to avoid burglary. i.e. locking doors and windows→education campaign.Autumn 2017
  • Handing out safety alarms at key events such as Safety and Sustainability Day, Househunting Fair- Find more points where they can be handed out.Autumn 2017
  • Working Increased reporting of actual crime to 101 and providing info on current situation in Selly Oak through interview with PC Paul Jones.Autumn 2017

Progress Status

100% Complete
  • Facebook group (The Official UoB Student Housing 2017/18) created and launched where students can find new housemates (search, advertise rooms) and questions regarding housing can be addressed (providing advice on rights etc.)Autumn 2017

Progress Status

40% Complete
  • Continued promotion of Student Bricks as a property rating website, which helps students to rate property/ agents.Autumn 2017
  • Will be looking to formulate a preference list that can provide a better picture about lettings agents based upon data gathered from students, by final term so that list can be used as part of the househunting campaign next year.Autumn 2017

Progress Status

40% Complete
  • Launched housing checks patrols scheme that look at houses with serious security, fire safety and HMO issues with WMP, WMF and BCC- delay on first patrol due to low numbers of sign-ups. Aim is to identify worst houses and crack down by giving follow up time to improve quality and issuing fixed penalty notices if not followed up.Nov / Dec 2017
  • Publicising crackdown to media, to make landlords aware of the increased enforcement, requiring better service.Autumn 2017
  • Work with CWs, Advice and BCC on increasing reporting of issues with housing/ agents Dec 2017
  • Preference list (stated above)Autumn 2017
  • Working with University to create International Guarantor Scheme, where uni act as secondary guarantor in private rented sectorNov / Dec 2017

Progress Status

25% Complete
  • Working on environmental strategy using data from students, reports and stakeholders to consider a future strategy that makes it easier to recycle, with aim being to increase recycling rates. Dec / Jan 2018
  • Lobby council to improve provision for dealing with waste in SO, if household waste not reduced by increased recycling, more has to be done to deal with waste disposal. Term 2
  • Looking to create community volunteering clean and gleam team who litter pick area regularly Term 2

RA Scheme

Progress Status

65% Complete
  • Developed SLA for the new scheme proposal and restructure.Autumn 2017
  • Currently planning events that will be implemented through Term 2 & 3 – Including additional events to the Big 8.Term 2 / 3
  • Looking at merchandising options (Dec) for students to purchase in Term 2 onwards. (completed) Nov / Dec 2017
  • Put forward the idea of a Vale bus, turned down due to investment in safe pathway and focus on environmental impact. Therefore, will request to extend bus service to dental school to pick up first year students after 5pm lectures on Thursday- with Satellites PTO.Term 2

Progress Status

65% Complete
  • Overseeing the Christmas on Campus working group, event open to community, students and staff on 1st Dec at Chancellors court.
    Autumn 2017
  • Planning World Culture Day with International PTO (Beginning Term 2) which will involve whole community around (April/ May)- depending on exam timetable.Term 2 / 3
  • Planning Selly Oak street party around Spring holiday as part of CWs events.Autumn 2017

Meal Plan

Progress Status

70% Complete
  • Opt on option available to students in halls. (completed)Autumn 2017
  • Discussing with HAS to improve options available, and more options for card use if money is still on the card at the end of the week. Autumn 2017

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