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Organising an Event for your Student Group

When organising and event for your group, there are certain procedures you need to follow and forms that you need to fill in. The 10 steps to planning an event has lots of guidance and information to help you put on a great event for your group. The most important things to remember are:

Keeping to budget

Have you got enough money to organise the event?
If not, how are you going to raise the money?
Have you shopped around for the best quotes or gone for the first quote you have found.
Are there any V.A.T issues with your budget? 


Risk Assessments and Notification forms

Has your event been included in your annual risk assessment?
Do you need to complete a notification form?


Did you know that the Guild has to sign any contacts on behalf of your group?
Are you sure you can deliver what the contract is asking from you?

Promoting your Event and selling tickets (coming soon)

Where are you promoting your event and have you given yourself enough time?
Have you got the correct logos and information on your posters?
Do you know the process for selling tickets for your event?  


Organising a Volunteering event (coming soon)

Does your event involve raising money, raising awareness, or volunteering with a children or adults?
Do you know all of the charity law that you may need to follow when organising your activity?

Booking a room and/or guest speaker

Do you want to book a room at the University or Guild, or watch a film, or invite an external speaker onto campus?
Have you read the external speaker and freedom of speech briefing before you have invited an external speaker? 

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