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'Most Improved Student Group'  - Guild Awards 2016

Are you interested in singing in an A Cappella group? Inspired by Pitch Perfect perhaps, or by a cappella videos you stumbled across on a night-time YouTube binge? Can you beatbox? If yes to any of these questions, then this is the society for you!


The society currently consists of 7 separate a cappella groups:

Score - A mixed, auditioned group.

The Uptone Girls - An all-female, auditioned group.

Trebleution - A mixed, auditioned group.

AbraCappella - A mixed, auditioned group.

The Blair Pitch Project - A mixed, auditioned group.

One Note Stand - A mixed, auditioned group.

Acapitches - An all-female, auditioned group.


The society also holds non-auditioned workshops and events throughout the year. We established a 'Non-Auditioned A Capella Group' in 2015 and for two years held regular society rehearsals in which anyone could attend. Information about this will be announced after the A Cappella audition period of September/October.


To join one of the auditioned A Cappella groups:

Each group recruits new members once a year at the beginning of the academic year. Auditions for all groups are held together meaning you only need to audition once, regardless of how many groups you may be interested in joining. These auditions are drop in auditions between, all that is required is a song between 1-2 minutes long. 

Auditions for 2017/2018 will be held:

  • Septemeber 29th (4-8pm) - Beorma Bar
  • September 30th (2-6pm) - Beorma Bar
  • October 1st (2-6pm) - Beorma Bar

Taster A Cappella Society workshops will be held:

  • September 23rd (3-5pm) - Amos Room
  • September 25th (6-8pm) - Rosa Parks


In the meantime, to stay up to date with news of audition dates and other society events (including socials and workshops), please join our Facebook group - 'A Cappella Birmingham' or like the A Cappella Birmingham Facebook page. Alternatively, you can email the society or one of its committee members for more details. Our instagram is 'acappella_bham' and our Twitter is 'acappella_bham'.

Got any questions? Email: acappella@guild.bham.ac.uk


Contact Us

Groups - 0121 415 8950

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