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Conservation Volunteers


About us:

The Birmingham University Conservation Volunteers (BUCV) is a student group that works together with local and national organisations in order to conserve our environment. We visit Sites of Special Scientific Interest, nature reserves, parks and woodland, adopting a hands-on approach for the creation and conservation of habitats, whilst providing our members with an opportunity to gain valuable volunteer experience. The group visits new locations, as well as frequently attending ongoing projects - seeing the difference our work is making is very rewarding. 
We head out every Sunday during term time, and usually get back to uni for about 3pm. We cover all transport costs for our members.
We also hold termly residentials to locations including the Peak District, Dodford Childrens Farm and Preston Montford Field Studies Centre. As well as holding regular socials, including pub quizzes, bowling and group meals.
All of our event details are posted on our Facebook page, and become a member for free on the guild website to join our mailing list and get updates emailed directly to you.


Felling invasive silver birch in Sutton Park

Helping to plant a 25 mile long orchard around the Birmingham canal network!


History (Est. 1973!)

Conservation Society at UoB was first registered at the Guild in 1973! In 1992 our name was changed to Conservation Volunteers, the name we still have today. 

We also have a tradition of attending Dodford Childrens Farm for our first residential of the year. UoB students originally helped set up the farm in the 1950s, and we have returned every year since 2016 to help out for a weekend.

Our facebook group has been running since November 2006 and is a great record of our groups past members and activities.

If any historical members find this page and have any stories/photographs of past groups then we'd love to hear about them! See our contact details below.


Path maintenance at Woodgate Valley Country Park

Turning over the compost heaps at QE Hospital Community Garden


Grow with Joe Community Garden

The Grow with Joe garden is a student-led growing project, giving students, staff and members of the public experience in growing their own food. Everything we grow is organic, without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers; our aim is to co-exist with the ecosystem around us.

The idea behind the garden began in 2017 as the winner of ‘The Birmingham Project’, before it was adopted by the Birmingham University Conservation Volunteers in 2018 for the design and planning stage. The garden came into production in 2019 and we have been enjoying bountiful harvests ever since!

We would love to get more members of the university community involved in the project, whether you are a first time grower or seasoned horticulturalist. The garden offers a chance for students and staff to collaborate in a social environment, and we’re always looking for fresh ideas and help with projects.





If you have any questions then email us at:

Or see our facebook group here:


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