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Burn FM.com

Outstanding Intersociety Collaboration

Live from the Guild of Students, this is Burn FM.

Burn FM is the University’s award-winning student radio station that broadcasts live from the Burn FM Studios in the Guild of Students. We broadcast online throughout Autumn and Spring terms.

You can co-host a weekly show about nearly anything - mainstream or specialist music, news, arts, culture, or something completely different! We also organise socials and networking events, helping you to develop all of the skills needed to become a professional radio broadcaster.



Station Manager: stationmanager@burnfm.com

Deputy Station Manager: deputymanager@burnfm.com

Treasurer: treasurer@burnfm.com

Head of Marketing and Communications: - marketing@burnfm.com

Head of Programming: programming@burnfm.com

Deputy Head of Programming: deputyprogramming@burnfm.com

Head of Podcasting: podcasting@burnfm.com

Head of Internal Music: music@burnfm.com

Head of External Music: live@burnfm.com

Head of News: news@burnfm.com

Head of Sport: sport@burnfm.com

Head of Arts and Culture: arts@burnfm.com

Head of Production: production@burnfm.com

Head of Technology: tech@burnfm.com

Online Editor: online@burnfm.com

Social Secretary: social@burnfm.com


For more information regarding the current committtee, please see our Committee page, and if you've already signed up please join our members group on Facebook.



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