The Investment Society is for anyone who is interested in a career or a has a passion for finance and investing. We welcome all students, from those studying finance/economics courses, those with previous professional experience in finance and especially those from a non-financial background but are keen to develop their knowledge and understanding of financial markets.

We aim to give advice and the skills needed for students to pursue: spring week placements, summer internships and graduate roles in the fields of: Investment Banking, Asset Management and Hedge Funds. This is achieved by: hosting practical skills workshops, guest speakers of finance professionals and the opportunity to network with likeminded students to help develop outside the theory of lectures.

In the 1st term, we aim to run both beginner and intermediate workshop sessions for enhancing our members understanding and practical skills: We will run sessions on Finance 101. This aims to build a bottom-up understanding of the basics of financial markets and investing to assist those with a beginners/no-knowledge level. Alongside this, we will host workshops equipping students with the skills to act as a fundamental equity Hedge Fund Analyst. Sessions will include: idea generation in both equity long/short, financial and valuation modelling and ultimately broader portfolio risk management techniques.
In the 2nd term, we plan to put these newly learnt skills to the test with some competitions: An Investing/Trading competition where students will be able to manage a virtual portfolio (individually or in a group) against their peers and a stock pitch competition where students will be able to research, build and present their own stock trade ideas.
Together, these skills sessions and competitions aim to help students from all backgrounds enhance their knowledge and understanding as well as their CVs moving forward to professional careers in the industry.

Finally, in addition to the Investment Society, with enough interested members, we aim to develop a subset of the society called the ‘Investment Fund’. The Fund will host meetings where members will be able to share ideas on current events in the economic world and in the financial markets, the fund will also have a virtual stock portfolio where members can pitch ideas to be invested in.

This society is not to be missed out on for anyone with a passion or interest in the field of finance! If you would like to join and have access to our exclusive events, its only £3 membership for the year! [Expires 31/08/2019].


Please email us if you have any questions or queries: and follow us for upcoming news and events at:


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