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The Nerdfighters Society at the University of Birmingham

We believe that small actions can have big impacts and that it is important to do what we can to improve the world we live in, through kindness, compassion, understanding and learning.

Join us in one of our NerdSeshs! In our weekly two-hour meetings we start out with a NerdTalk.  Imagine a TED talk, but more interactive. A member gets to share something they are passionate about currently; we’ve had topics ranging from the workings of radios, a karate demonstration to whether or not Sci-fi predates technology. The presentation is followed up with a discussion that starts out related to the topic, but could end up anywhere.  Do you want to share your passion with others? This is right place to do it. Talk Nerdy to us.

In the second hour you can expect to find: tea, biscuits, and the workings for one of our Random acts of Kindness. Do you want to find out if we are fighting Nerds or Nerds who fight? Want to find out what we are nerdy about? Check out our Facebook page and come along to one of our meetings!

And lastly,
Don’t Forgot To Be Awesome
~ Nelsen Durkee (Chair)

P.S. Sorry about the £5 pound membership fee. We can't currently change it, and are hoping to reduce it slightly in the future, but for now, be assured, we will be using the funds we recieve to make better events in the future. 

Also on the committee:

Secretary: Adriana Xardoné
Your faithful Social Sec: Anna Shatz 
Acts of Kindess: Sayyada Dharsee
Treasurer: Ellen Johnson

Come along to one of our upcoming meetings!

Check us out on Facebook for further details: 







To ensure that you get what you need from us, when you need it, we have created a set of promises which we will always aim to deliver.

Meet your officer team

Every year, a team of Officers are elected by YOU to help you get the best out of Birmingham. Each officer leads a different part of the Union on your behalf – click on their faces below to find out what they do and how to get in touch…

Ellie Keiller - Guild President
Shannon Farmer - Activities & Development Full Time Officer
Adam Goldstone - Education Full Time Officer
Kris Ali - Housing & Community Full Time Officer
Rose Bennett - Postgraduate Full Time Officer
Jess Levy - Representation & Resources Full Time Officer
Helena Bailey - Sports Full Time Officer
Henny Green - Welfare Full Time Officer

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