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Welcome to the University of Birmingham Pharmaceutical Society

We are a student led society here to offer members a bit of fun by arranging events throughout the year. We also help through educational events and offer general help and advice.

Some of the things we do include peer monitoring and advancement through the Pharmacy Parent scheme, the Christmas Dinner, team building trips outside of uni and of-course nights out!

One of the biggest events we hold is the end of year Pharmacy Ball. This is a great night when everyone gets dressed up and celebrates end of exams with friends, lecturers and guests.

We will also be holding Public Health Outreach Days on topics such as Diabetes, Sexual Health and Smoking to name a few. They are a great way to increase awareness, network and let people know more about what Pharmacy as a profession has to offer.

Guest speakers will be invited to our school to talk about cutting edge research and the future of our profession. Pharmacy hoodies, merchandise, sports clubs, charity work, we have it all.

One final point 'which we feel is the most important'... enjoy university. You are here for four years, it may sound long but we promise it will go so fast. Make the most of it!

Need to get in touch? Email:

Check out our website for more infomation on the below: 


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Find links to your year Facebook group, whole course social group, PharmSoc's Facebook and Twitter page with all the latest news, as well as other useful online media addresses.
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With a timetable like ours, we all need some time to just chill out and not think about pKa or prescriptions. So click here to meet your social reps and find out more about the upcoming pharmacy events.




Fancy yourself as the next Lionel Messi or Usain Bolt? Or just want to blow off some steam after lectures? Want to help win trophies for our cabinet? Sign up to one of our sports teams and play competitively, or just for fun! Read on!


Questions about the course? Need to contact an academic rep or voice something at the Student Staff Committee? This page has it all; from guides for Y1 Pharmacists to the Academic Skills Centre. Finance? Accommodation? The course? Read on!



The PharmBall is the highlight of the Pharmacy social calendar, for both staff and students. Take advantage of the chance to dress up and indulge on good food, champagne and music. Not to be missed! (Date: Early Jan)



Check out whose running your PharmSoc. Find committee member contact information, member information and the PharmSoc Constitution. If you have any ideas, concerns or advice please feel free to contact us! Find the committee list below.



Get instant access to sites, publications, videos and much more. Chosen by students for students: Medicines Complete / Compounding & Dispensing videos / British Pharmacopoeia, Pebble Pad... Its all here!


PharmSoc Committee

President Vriddhi Chopra
Vice President Davina Rana
Secretary Kieran Mohindra
Treasurer Hanya Anjam
PharmBall Chair Eric Skoretz
Sports Reps

Sam Parkes

Munvinder Tanday

Entz Rep Y2 Khalil McGuiness
Entz Rep Y3 Lucy Woods
Entz Rep Y4

Hashim Naqvi
Raising and Giving Reps

Anjuma Begum

PharmSoc Family Co-ordinator  Halimah Isbag







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