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Welcome to The University of Birmingham Philosophy Society (PhilSoc)


The Philosophy Society at the University of Birmingham is a student led society for everyody. This is a group dedicated to weird questions and unsatisfactory answers: to the discussion of thought, knowledge, language, truth, logic, beauty, ethics, and love. You don’t have to study philosophy or know anything about it to join.


Below is a list of some of what we do:

  • Social Events - The main focus of the society is to provide opportunity for social interaction outside of lectures. We focus on providing both social and academic events and activities throughout the year, including:
    • ‘Think and Drink’
    • Post Graduate/Guest Speaker talks
    • Sober socials
    • Bar Crawls
    • Trip Abroad
    • Societies Nights
  • Sports Teams - We are currently in the process of setting up sports teams to play in guild society leagues. Keep an eye out for more info about that this year. The sports we will be focusing on will be Football and Netball
  • Student Support - We understand that university life can be challenging and difficult to settle into. Hence, as a committee, it is our aim to provide additional support to the student community, working with departmental and university led welfare systems.
  • T-shirts and Merchandise - This year, the society will be offering t-shirts. Details tbc


Joining the society entitles you to discounts and other benefits for all of our ticketed events and is a great way to meet people interested in philosophy.

So join us.

Come along and let’s talk about philosophy.

Find us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on events this year.

Twitter: @uobphilsoc
Instagram: @uobphilosophysoc
Facebook group: UoB Philosophy Society
Facebook page: UoB Philosophy Society


Contact Us

Groups - 0121 415 8950

RA's - 0121 415 8949


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