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This is a group dedicated to weird questions and unsatisfactory answers: to the discussion of thought, knowledge, language, truth, logic, beauty, ethics, and love. You don’t have to study philosophy or know anything about it to join- Socrates once said that the only thing he knew was that he knew nothing and look where he ended up! Well, he ended up executed for corrupting the youth but still, you get my point.

Every fortnight we have a ‘Think and Drink’ where we have an informal discussion about a philosophical topic,- occasionally some of our lecturers show up! This year we’re also hoping to get in some guest speakers, have a society ball, a trip abroad and maybe get some sports teams going. We go to the pub a lot, but there’s no pressure to drink at all if you don’t want to.

Do you think there is a right way of doing things? Have you ever wondered why you value what you value? Or why and in what sense authority exists? Or what it really means to know something? All of these questions affect how you think about the world and how you live your life, and they’re all philosophical.

So join us.

Join us when we plumb the depths of human depravity; climb ladders to heaven with us to ask if god is around; help us cut little samples of the fabric of reality; be there with us as we blindly swipe at the void in the hope of latching on to some solid knowledge,- and join in as we weave sprawling webs of logic and argument, only to see them undone by a single loose end we forgot to tie up.

In other words- come down the pub, and let’s talk about philosophy.

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Facebook: UoB Philosophy Society

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