Affliation Process

The road to approval starts with your idea. Once you have a concept, and want to set up a group, come and chat to us! We want to hear your ideas, and make the process as easy as possible for you. Once we’ve done this, please fill in the online form. At the end of this form, you will be asked to download and print off a copy of the ‘Interested People Declaration’. This should be filled in and handed into the Student Groups Counter, or scanned and emailed to

In some cases, you will be invited to attend the Student Groups Executive (SGX), the committee responsible for actively representing all Full Members involved in Student Activities. This committee meets every few weeks to discuss new group proposals and grant applications. The SGX is made up three Full-Time Officers (Activites and Development, Sports and Representation and Resources), three students elected onto the committee, and is attended by two Full-Time staff members. You may be invited to the SGX if we have questions that we don’t feel are answered in your start-up form, or if your group is particularly high risk (for example, an extreme sports club, or a group dealing with a sensitive subject).

Do not panic if you are invited to the SGX! When you are approved, you become a part of the Guild as an organisation. We cover your insurance, and assume liability for any legal or financial issues you may have. It is for this reason that you may be invited to meet with us, to ensure that we can support your group under these circumstances. We want to find out more about you and your ideas, and make sure that your activities will be safe and well supported.

Who will make up the committee?

Your student group will need to have at least three committee members: a chair, a treasurer, and a secretary. You can have as many committee members as you like, but a maximum of eight committee members can be authorised for your accounts. Committees are elected annually in spring.

As a committee member, what am I responsible for?

As a committee member, you will be responsible for the activities of your group, and thus potentially liable if any injury, damage or accident. You will be responsible for the group’s bank account and ensuring your group is sustainable.

How will we finance our group?

Each group receives £60 as a start-up grant. You have the opportunity to apply for other funding later. The Guild will not give funds for food, drink, events at external venues, t-shirts and campaigning off campus. You’ll raise your funds through membership fees, charging for events, fundraising, or getting sponsorship.

Student Groups Application Form

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Approval Process

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To ensure that you get what you need from us, when you need it, we have created a set of promises which we will always aim to deliver.

Meet your officer team

Every year, you elect fellow students to your Officer Team, who represent you and lead your union. Each Officer has their own roles and remit which you can view below. You have a chance to make sure your elected Officers are doing what they said they will, by attending Officer Question Time held each term.

 Ellie Keiller - Guild President 2016-17
Natalie Cox - Activities & Development Officer 2016-17
Chris Wilkinson - Education Officer 2016-17
Izzie Nicholds - Housing & Community Officer 2016-17
Rose Bennett - Postgraduate Officer 2016-17
Brandon Hattiloney - Representation & Resources Officer 2016-17
Georgie Freeman - Sports Officer 2016-17
Ross Strong - Welfare Officer 2016-17

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