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The Sikh society supports Sikh students and raises awareness about the concepts of Sikhism. The society aims to educate both Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike, as well as provide sociable opportunities to meet new people. With various guest speakers invited to events, invaluable knowledge can be shared between us as a Sangat. We feel that as well as providing a learning platform, the chance to try other activities can help tie our members together as a family. 

One of the greatest traits instilled by the Gurus into Sikhism is 'Sewa' and as a society we try to collectively carry out voluntary service. As well as carrying out work with the homeless, our unique 'Langar on Campus' event occurs every year and is open to everyone regardless of their age, gender, religion, caste and colour: just as Langar should be. This provides the chance to educate non-Sikhs about what the religion stands for as well as our ideologies.   
We have recently been lucky enough to have talks from esteemed speakers such as Jagraj Singh (Basics of Sikhi YouTube channel). The idea of having talks, Kirtan and Rehraas sessions as well as Gurdwara visits (such as Soho Road Gurdwara) provide a mix of activities that aim to set a basic foundation of Sikh principles. Punjabi classes have also been very popular and this is something we intend to carry on for many years to come.
As well as having various social activities, sport forms a vital distraction for our members to temporarily block the stresses of university life. We have weekly football, badminton and netball sessions and look to compete with other universities and societies in such sports. We are always looking to try new activities such as martial arts in the near future.    

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