Registering with a Dentist & GP

Registering with a Dentist

All students including International students can register with a dentist. Dental treatment in the UK is not provided free of charge. How much you will have to pay for your treatment will depend on whether you are registered with a dentist who provides treatment under NHS or with a dentist who only provides treatment to private clients. To find and register with a dentist, please refer to the NHS website.

Students could be able to claim some of the money paid for the treatment. This will depend on their individual financial circumstances. For more information, please ask the receptionist at your dental practice for prescription charges.

Registering with a GP

It’s always good to be registered with a GP during your time at University – you never know when you’ll need to see a doctor! The University has its own medical practice on campus, and they’re familiar with dealing with mental health issues and can help you with the evidence required for Extenuating Circumstances, if your exams or assessments are affected by your health.

Visit them at 5 Pritchatts Road building B9 on the campus map or take a look at their website

University medical practice - 5 pritchards road, edgbaston, birmingham, b15 2qu

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