Fire Safety


It is important to think about these handy tips to help you stay safe and avoid creating a fire risk.

  • TEST IT TUESDAY! – If you live in a house with battery alarms, make sure make sure are working, and not covered. Test It every Tuesday to make sure it works; your life depends on it.

  • Don’t prop open fire doors – they are there to slow the progress of a fire.

  • Escape – learn the quickest way out of your house and keep escape routes clear and free from obstruction.

  • Don’t leave cooking unattended – fire starts when your attention stops.

  • Alcohol and drugs impair your judgment – do not attempt to cook whilst you are under the influence or if you are feeling sleepy.

  • Never put water onto burning fat and never move a burning pan.

  • If you are allowed to smoke in the property, please take care when doing so. 

  • Be very careful if burning candles or incense – check your contract carefully, as some do state that you CANNOT burn candles or incense in the property.  If you are allowed to use them, then do not leave them unattended and make sure they are put out properly.

  • Do not overload plug sockets.

  • Switch off electrical appliances, such as hair straighteners and phone chargers when not in use.  Do not leave your appliances on standby.

  • False alarms cost lives and malicious activation is a criminal offence.  Be aware that cooking fumes, deodorant and even shower steam can trigger a false alarm.

  • If a fire starts – get out, stay out and dial 999/112


Community Wardens are working closely with West Midlands Fire Service to ensure students are living in safe homes. If you have any concerns or doubts with regards to Fire Safety please contact us. We carry out visits and make referrals to West Midlands Fire Service.