Keep Your Car or Bike Safe


  • When moving in or out of your house, don’t leave your car unlocked, even for a few seconds. Criminals know when students will be moving in and out and will be watching for insecure cars. 
  • Remove all valuables from inside of the car and take these with you.  If they are too bulky, lock them in the boot and keep them out of sight.
  • If your sat-nav holder is stuck to the windscreen, remove it and wipe off the sucker mark, and leave the glove box open.  This may seem a little long-winded, but a thief will notice this and take the opportunity to break and see if think a sat nav is hidden inside the car.
  • Trailing wires for iPod’s and sat-navs are an invitation for a thief to look further. Tuck all wires away or take them with you
  • Leave your glove box open to show that there are no valuables hidden in the car.
  • Park in a well-lit spot, preferably under a street light where possible.
  • Tamper proof screws fitted to your number plate will prevent theft of the plate and therefore prevent it being cloned. Pop to the local garage and ask them fit some.


  • Always lock your bicycle, even if you are leaving it for just a few minutes.
  • Avoid isolated places and leave your bike where it can be seen.
  • Hardened steel D-shaped locks are recommended as the minimum lock standard. Reduced price D-Shaped locks are available at a discounted price of £10 from the Campus Police Room (run by West Midlands Police), based on campus in University Centre. They are open on Wednesdays from 12noon until 3pm.
  • Lock your bike to a closed anchor point – for example a bike rack or ground rings. Thieves can remove drainpipes and lift bikes off signposts!
  • Stop thieves smashing locks open, by lifting them up and away from the ground.  Keep the gap between the bike and the lock as small as possible.
  • Secure removable parts and lock both the wheels and the frame together.