Safety - Out and About

New streets and a new area can be unfamiliar surroundings.  Not only do you have to think about security at home, but whilst your out and about to. It is also important that you don’t put yourself in any danger.

  • Getting a taxi back after a night out is safest all round. Try not to travel alone, and most importantly don’t walk back through unfamiliar areas. Drink makes you are less aware of your surroundings and therefore become vulnerable; putting you at greater risk of robbery.
  • If you book a taxi, then please do so in advance.  The Guild of Students recommend using Castle Cars on 0121 472 2222. It is a good idea not to give the impression everyone is going out for the night – you never know who is watching! One tip is to call back into the house as if telling someone you're off out.
  • Money – withdraw cash in advance of your night out or get cash back at a supermarket.  Using street cash machines, especially if you are on your own, is best avoided.  Never write down your pin.
  • Cards – Keep a separate note of your bank’s emergency lost or stolen card telephone number (found on the back of your card), account number and sort code so you can cancel them quickly.
  • Using your mobile phone in the street advertises it, as phones are valuable to thieves; exposing you to a greater risk of robbery.
  • If carrying a rucksack, wear it over both arms.  If carrying a holdall wear this across the body.  It makes them harder to snatch.
  • Laptops are a valuable commodity to thieves, so if you are carrying a laptop, make sure your laptop bag isn’t too conspicuous.  Try to disguise that you are carrying a laptop by not using a typical laptop bag.
  • If you wear headphones when walking out and about alone, preferably try and make sure they are black.  White headphones attract thieves and make you susceptible to robbery.
  • When you are in a nightclub/pub, avoid becoming a victim of drink spiking.  Do not leave drinks unattended and do not accept drinks from strangers, unless you are with them when it is ordered from the bar and you can see it is safe.