Being a Good Neighbour

Student Conduct
‘Your’ conduct, you should bear in mind, whilst living in the community reflects on the way the University and other students are perceived as a whole. Situations where students, either individually or as a group, are bringing the University and its reputation into disrepute will lead to a robust approach being taken by The University.

Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is social harm directed against individuals, communities or the environment. It is any activity that impacts on other people in a negative way. Selfish and unacceptable activities can blight the quality of community life and therefore it is important that you have an idea of how these issues can be addressed.
Examples of ASB include:
  • Nuisance neighbours (such as playing music far too loudly)
  • Intimidating groups taking over public spaces
  • Vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting
  • People dealing and buying drugs on the street
  • People dumping rubbish and abandoning cars
  • Begging and anti-social drinking
  • The misuse of fireworks
  • The misuse of mini-motors
Anti-social behaviour is treated very seriously by both West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council and if taken to court and found guilty, can lead to eviction and/or a criminal record. 
Are you experiencing Anti-Social behaviour?
In order to report any anti-social behaviour effectively it is important to keep a record of where, when and who is involved in these incidents. Action can then be taken appropriately by local neighbourhood officers, in partnership with Birmingham City Council, to address the incident/s.
Reporting Anti-Social behaviour
You can contact your local police station to discuss and report to them if you are experiencing anti-social behaviour. Your concerns will be listened to and action taken towards a lasting solution to your problem. Anti-social behaviour can be reported via several ways to West Midlands Police:
By telephone - call 0345 1135000 or 101 and ask to be put through to your local police station. To find the details of your local police station you can enter your postcode into the 'My Neighbourhood' section of the West Midlands Police website at In an emergency always dial 999/112
In person - you can report your concerns by attending the front office of your local police station, or by attending your local neighbourhood tasking meeting. These meetings enable members of the community to meet with local officers to discuss issues of concern and have a real influence on local policing priorities.  Details of these meetings can be found on the website or by telephoning the above number.
By email/post - you can report incidents of anti-social behaviour via email or by post by completing an ASB self-reporting form click here for a copy of the form

Noise – reporting nuisance noise

Whilst sharing a wall/community it is easy to forget and that not everyone appreciates loud music or the sound of shouting bellowing down the road during unsociable hours.
Keeping the noise to a low level when you are walking home late at night or if you are having a social gathering of some sort is therefore important.  You may have to shout to be heard whilst you are in a night club, but this can be turned down once you get outside or if you are at home; or you can always save it for the local karaoke!
Local police can respond to incidents such as noisy parties or noisy neighbours and in extreme cases this can lead to equipment being seized. Make sure you are not the perpetrator.

Being a good neighbour

Introduce yourself! Taking the time is important to establishing good terms with your neighbours. The community will be friendlier, the neighbourhood safer, and the area a nicer and more comfortable place to live.You never know when you may have to call on them for help, for example if you need to ‘pop’ round to borrow something or maybe you want them to ‘watch’ the house if you whilst you are on holiday.
Be aware of your surroundings, as well as theirs.  Anyone acting suspiciously around you or your neighbour’ s property should be reported immediately. If in doubt, call the police so any potential criminal activity can be quickly responded to.Also, don’t forget to put your rubbish out on the right day, keep the streets tidy.  If you do accidentally miss the collection, bring it back onto your property immediately and try to contain it well.  Rubbish is unsightly and can also attract vermin, insects, and other pests too.  
Above all, touch base with your neighbours regularly and keep them informed if anything you are planning to do may affect them, such as a planned party. Put limits in place, such as turning music down/off by 11. Keep the channels of communication open by reminding them if you're doing anything which could disturb them. If they should then feel uncomfortable, they will be more ready to approach you about it.; avoiding disputes and action having to be taken.
Consideration is important towards others in your local community. You may well live in a densely populated student area, but also be mindful that you will live amongst others, whether they be families, business professionals or the elderly, and from all different cultures and backgrounds.  Respect all your neighbours in your community and they in turn will be respectful of you.

No Drinking Zones

A No Drinking Zone exists across the whole  of the Bournbrook area. If caught drinking in the street anywhere in this area by Police or Police Community Support Officers, will result in the alcohol, whether unopened or not, to be confiscated.