7 Wonders Challenge

Student Mentor Scheme

Ready to go on an adventure? Though we unfortunately can’t do much travelling in person at the moment, your Student Mentor team have planned an around the world tour, stopping at each of the 7 Wonders of the World. But we need your help! 

By exercising however you exercise best, we want you to collect your miles from walks, cycles and runs! Get your friends and family involved and use your daily exercise to help get us around the world. Don’t worry if you’re not able to get out of the house, you can still get involved by telling us how long you’ve exercised for on the form below and we’ll convert it into miles.

Once we get to each destination, we will be sharing online tours and interactive links so you can virtually experience each wonder first-hand. Keep an eye on your Halls page for the link to record your miles, and to find out where we’re heading for our first stop.

We’ll be regularly updating your Halls Facebook groups to let you know how far you’ve got, so recruit everyone you know from your Hall and get those miles in!

The Route

We'll be going from the Guild of Students to the Colosseum, Italy. After a quick tour there, we'll be heading to Chichen Itza, Mexico. After this we'll head to Macchu Picchu, and from then we'll walk on to Christ Redeemer, Brazil. Our next stop will be Petra, Jordan, after which we'll be heading to the Taj Mahal. Finally, we'll finish at the Great Wall of China. Hope you've got a comfy pair of shoes!

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