Jo Says

Hello again...

I’m Joanne and I will be your International Officer for another year!

Thanks for having faith in me. I will repay that faith by working harder and better for our international community this year. I am a visual communicator, so make sure to add me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates, news and memes!

My role covers quite a variety of responsibilities: I represent international students (non-UK) on campus, all the students who are going on a year abroad, and students studying at an overseas campus. I also represent ALL the students (yes including you) as part of the Full Time Officer Team. I sit in the University Council, Guild Trustee Board and many other important University senior meetings – so please let me know what you experience as a student here at Birmingham so that I can create some REAL CHANGE and improve our experience as students.

You can find my manifesto on Guild website, but just to list some of the things I will be focusing this year...

1) Continuing to run the One World Festival and other events to celebrate an inclusive multi-cultural community at the University

2) Creating an international alumni mentoring scheme – so our international students can prep for their career pathways and have a wider global network of alumni and extended global opportunities

3) Improving mental health awareness and support for the international student community so students can be better equipped if anything is stopping them getting the best out of their time at university

Keep in touch! My role is to represent you, so I’m keen to listen to YOUR VOICES! You can email me or come and speak to me at the Guild. Come along to one of my regular office hours during term time, or message me to arrange a time to meet!

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