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Things people don’t tell you before Freshers

Although coming to university can be one of the best experiences of your life, it is sometimes easy to set your expectations high for your first year, and for some people this can be a lot of pressure and lead to disappointment! Here is some advice from your Officer Team at the Guild of Students for how to manage your expectations for freshers – but still have a great time!


1.Freshers flu

Freshers flu is REAL. Make sure to take plenty of vitamins and do remember to pace yourself – you don’t want to wipe out a good few weeks just because of one super messy night.

Also, people will cough in lectures. A lot.


2. You get out what you put in

At university you are no longer spoon fed anything, while you will constantly be encouraged to get involved with things – it is ultimately up to you whether you do or not. This is true for both getting involved with societies and the amount of course work you do!


3. Check your bank balance regularly

This was my biggest faux par, as living in my overdraft for the three years whilst I was at university was not fun! I wish I had budgeted more in my first year.


4. If you don’t like your course, flat etc there is always something you can do

The new experience may seem daunting, and it especially is if you realise you don’t get on with your flat, course, etc. BUT, there is always someone that will listen and be able to help you! Guild Advice is situated just behind the Reception in the Guild building, any your course will have specific mentors.


5. People WILL get annoyed if you are messy

Try to take only the essentials if possible, as the rooms can be quite small and make sure to be clean! It’s amazing how many friendships can be ruined by a dirty plate. If you’re someone that gets annoyed with mess, try to approach people nicely before the post-it notes flood the flat.


6. Careers Network

At UoB we have a Careers Network that put on events and mentoring sessions. You do not need to know what you want to do to get involved! They are so friendly and always there to help – so get to know them and make use of them.


7. Peer pressure

You may or may not have been exposed to ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ growing up, but either way, it is likely you will be during your university time. This is simple – if you don’t want to do something – even slightly – don’t! You are your own person and people will respect you more for it. There are loads of people that you can talk to about this at the Guild of Students.


8. You won’t get on with everybody

You will meet people from all walks of life. Don’t try to please everyone, because you won’t be able to. Be yourself and put effort into people who put effort into you!


9. It isn’t always fun and games

There will be times when life is hard, and it is easy to sometimes feel like you’re on your own. Many people commonly suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and there is always someone to talk to if you are struggling. 


10. You will probably change

Whether this is with regards to your interests or your hair colour – it’s exciting to change – embrace it!


11. Sign up at the doctors straight away!

This will save a lot of hassle if you do become ill – also make sure you to find out where the nearest sexual health clinic is.

And finally…


12. Freshers week might not be the best week of your life

There is a lot of pressure and hype that surrounds freshers, but you have plenty of time to enjoy university. It’s okay to miss home!


Want to find out more? Please visit our webpages for further information on how The Guild can support your journey.


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