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Director Of Education Q&A Sessions

Many of you understandably have concerns about the impact of COVID-19 on your degree. How will you be taught this year? What additional support will you be given? This is your chance to have your questions answered.

We want to hear your Education-related concerns, which we will then to put forward to your College’s Director of Education. The most frequently asked questions will be answered virtually through online sessions, alongside some of the specific queries you may have. There will also be an opportunity to comment your own questions during each Q&A  as they're live-streamed into the Virtual Neighbourhood.


The Live Q&As will be held as follows:

College of Social Sciences (COSS)

Tuesday 8th September: 3pm - 3:30pm 


Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS)

 Thursday 10th September: 3pm - 3:30pm 


College of Arts and Law (CAL)

Thursday 10th September: 3:30pm - 4pm 


Life and Environmental Sciences (LES)

Friday 11th September: 2pm - 2:30pm


Medical and Dental Sciences (MDS)

Friday 11th September: 3pm - 3:30pm 


To get involved, simply submit your question below and join us in the Virtual Neighbourhood to watch each LIVE Q&A.

Submit Your Question

Unsure about which college you’re in? Use this guide on the University’s website to find your course/school and college.


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