Hi there, my name is Ness

Image of Education Officer, Ness, graduating.Hi there, my name is Ness Chigariro (she/her) and thanks to your votes, I am your Education Officer (EO) for this academic year! It is my job to ensure that your voices and views about teaching, learning and anything else related to your academic experience, are represented and acted upon by the University.

A bit about me:

  • I am a class of 2022 Mechanical Engineering graduate, and I been actively involved in the EPS college.
  • I am British, Zimbabwean and South African 
  • I’m a bit of a nerd, especially when it comes to board and mind games (very competitive too)
  • I used to train 3 hours a day, as an international Tennis player.

Aims and campaigns for my term

I have so many initiatives and projects planned to help ensure that you have the best possible year, this includes my priority topics such as:

  • Deadline bunching
  • The Student Rep Scheme
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Assessment and feedback
  • University transparency

I am super excited about this opportunity and what this year has to offer, and I will be keeping you updated on projects I am working on through my term.

Student issues are ever-changing, so if you have any ideas for a campaign or would just like to have a chat about your education, please feel free to get in touch via email. You can also DM me @guild_education or come and find me in our office on the ground floor of the Guild (by reception).


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