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Hiya, I'm Cat your Sports Officer

Hiya, I’m Cat your Sports Officer for the coming year. I have just graduated from studying sport, exercise and health sciences and some fun facts about me are:

  • I have really weird and freaky double-jointed arms
  • Am pretty good at the ‘name that song’ round of a quiz (as long as the songs aren’t too old or too recent!!)

Alongside handing out sports night tickets and running some pretty cool events throughout the year, my role primarily is to act as an ambassador for sport, physical activity and wellbeing on and outside of campus.

I work to ensure students have ample opportunities to compete in sport or stay active whilst at university. At the centre of all my decisions is an urge to create an inclusive and welcoming sporting environment, where everyone, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, background, or physical ability, feels comfortable to participate in sport. I aim to create opportunities for students to develop as leaders, where they feel empowered and capable to assist in running events, or act as role models within their sport, assisting in the development of skills which are immensely valuable not only for future careers but on a personal development level too. Another role I hold is being the sustainability lead for The Guild, where I work in collaboration with the University to ensure we’re meeting environmental, social, and economic standards to improve the ways in which we operate.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that running for Sports Officer was initially another way for me to stay another year at uni surrounded by its culture and my friends. However, as I began to understand the nature of the role, I began to really identify with it. Those who know me will know I’m quite loud and like to have opinions on everything, but that I’m also a very empathetic person who often (well pretty much 97% of the time) puts others’ needs before my own. I feel these traits, alongside wanting to bring change to the lives of future students, by identifying sporting opportunities that I wished I had as a student, urged me to campaign. Feel free to check out my campaign page on Instagram (@vote_cat_in_the_hat) to see all the embarrassing content I put out. Funnily enough, I’m currently back at home writing this and some guy in the gym came up to me the other day and said “omg you’re Cat in the Hat!”, so it must’ve been slightly memorable…. for the record I had never met this guy before and I don’t live that close to Brum so was really weird but hey ho, guess I’m famous now!

Over the coming year, my main priorities are to make sport inclusive and accessible for all with projects including inter-accommodation competitions, and hosting second-hand sports kit and equipment sales, as well as starting a costume wardrobe for sports night. At the end of the day, I'm still a student and want what’s best for the student body, so will do whatever it takes to make sure your voice is heard and responded to.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with feedback, questions and ideas throughout the year; I’ll always aim to get back to you as soon as I can! There’re a few ways you can reach me including via Instagram (@guild_sports)Facebook (Cat Hardiman) or via email:

Alongside these, I like to think I’m an approachable person, so if you see me out and about (and doesn’t seem like I’m rushing to get somewhere!) please feel free to grab me for a chat.

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