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Join us at the Vice-Chancellor’s and President’s Question Time!

Hi there, it's Amira, your Guild President.

On the 25th January 6pm I will be hosting the Guild’s first Company Law Meeting since 2015, and excitingly our Vice-Chancellor’s and President’s Question Time. This space is a chance for you to ask us both questions as key figures within the University and the Guild!

A Vice-Chancellor, can be likened to the principal of a school or the CEO of an organisation, but for a university. Our Vice-Chancellor, Adam Tickell, took up the post in January of 2022, and his role is pivotal to shaping the strategic vision and direction of the University.

Adam and I have monthly 1:1s where we discuss student issues and steps that need to be taken, but we also sit in multiple meetings together. Two of the most notable are the Guild/University Exec Board meetings and the most senior university meeting, Council (which is like the Governing body of a school, or the Board of an organisation), that I sit in with our International Officer.

So, the Vice-Chancellor is a very influential figure at UoB, meaning this is a fantastic opportunity for you to feedback on your university experience. At the Question Time you will be able to ask us about the functions, work and goals of both the Guild and University jointly and separately and challenge us on the decisions we make.

What are the senior management structures of the University and the Guild? How do we understand the role and value of HE in the current political climate? How do we ensure that students get the best out of their time at the University of Birmingham?  Make sure you learn all about the event and get your free ticket.

I cannot wait to see you all there!


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