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Amy - Student Mentor

Interested in working with us?  Find out why Amy, one of our Student Mentors, decided to apply and why they’d recommend working for the Guild:

I applied to be a Student Mentor because helping other students really appealed to me. I thought this role would be really rewarding and I liked the sound of a job that worked around my studies whilst still being able to enjoy the term time holidays. I also believe the role stands out compared to others because it requires a lot of different skills that are transferrable to many future careers. I understand that moving to university can be a daunting experience so I wanted to be able to give back to others from the perspective of a fellow student.

I have been a Student Mentor for 3 years now and each year I find the team to be really friendly and supportive. The shifts are enjoyable because we get to work together and share the workload. No two shifts are the same as the role is very diverse ranging from; flat mediations, flat visits, events, running campaigns, social media videos, meeting students 1-2-1, emailing and calling students.

When I was new to the role I found some parts of the role to be quite challenging but I was always well supported by my team and managers so I never felt incapable of managing the tasks. The job requires a high level of responsibility with us each managing our own caseload. However, it is rewarding to follow-up and see the students we support overcome their challenges.

The best part of the job is being able to support students who may be struggling. I think it is really rewarding being able to help others, especially when they find it difficult to reach out. My favourite part of the job overall is meeting and interacting with different students. Overall, being a Student Mentor has been a highlight of my university experience!

I have benefitted from the role as I’ve had experience of dealing with a range of situations. The role allowed me to reflect on my own university experience and offer advice based on this. I have also developed my ability to work as a team, problem solve and adapt to different circumstances.

Before commencing the role we receive very thorough training, this also involved fun days out to bond as a team. This helps you feel very prepared and relaxed to start the role. Training is provided throughout the year in areas such as: autism awareness, mental health first aid, NotOn workshops etc. which helped build my knowledge of how I could best support other students.

I also developed my leadership qualities during Arrivals Weekend when we are responsible for managing the Welcome Team at a particular accommodation site.

Most importantly, my confidence has developed over my time as a Student Mentor and I’ve gained skills that I will be able to transfer to my future career and life moving forward.

I would recommend future applicants, who are a friendly and enjoy supporting others to apply. My advice is to display in the application why you specifically want to become a Student Mentor and to evidence some of the skills required.

Don’t be put off by any of the scenarios in the interview, your answer doesn’t need to be perfect it is just to see how you would approach a situation. I also recommend to have some examples of certain skills you have demonstrated in the past (using the STAR technique) to answer the interview questions.

Most of all, I would say to relax, be yourself and let your personality shine through as this is a person-centred role.

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