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Fatima - Hall Rep

Interested in working with us?  Find out why Fatima, one of our Hall Reps, decided to apply and what’s great about being a Hall Rep:

The reason I wanted to be a Hall Rep is mainly because I wanted to give back! I had such a lovely time staying in student accommodation in my first year, so I wanted to give students the best experience possible by putting on free events for them. It was an amazing opportunity to really make a difference as Halls are a huge part of the student experience! Additionally, having insider knowledge about the opportunities and events happening on campus seemed rewarding. Not only was I excited to put on events, but I also wanted to represent my halls of residence and become a voice for the student community.

Being a Hall Rep is unlike any other job! We’ve hosted several crazy and different events, ranging from zorb football to DIY macramé plant pot hanger sessions! Additionally, it is very flexible which means I don’t have any clashes between lectures and work unlike other part time jobs. This was especially important to me as a final year physics student. However, my favourite part is getting to meet and socialise with students. During Welcome Week alone, I got to talk to hundreds of students! Getting paid to take part in amazing events is definitely an added bonus. For example, the outdoor cinema, Freshers’ Fling, and Spooktacular were some of my favourite events.

I’ve developed a range of skills throughout my time as a Hall Rep, all of which have been very beneficial for my CV. Planning events has truly helped me develop my organisational skills and take them to the next level. Whether I’m on-site or in the office, the constant communication and teamwork required to carry out events comes in handy. Some examples include liaising with external suppliers, marketing on social media, and gathering student feedback. Overall, being a Hall Rep has been a massive boost to my employability and leadership skills.

My advice to future applicants would be to have confidence in yourself and in your skills! Don’t be afraid to apply just because you think you might not have the skills; this role will open up avenues to get involved in the Guild. So, have a look at the job description, identify the skills needed, and think about how you can contribute to the development of the Hall Rep scheme. Remember that you will be trained and supported the whole way through. Just be yourself during the application and interview, and this will shine through!

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