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Former Postgrad Rodhan's Top Study Spaces

Graphic which says 'Former Postgrad Rodhan's Top Study Spaces'

Hi, I am Rodhan, a former MSc Molecular Biotechnology student at the University. Alongside studies I have also been part of various extracurricular activities like being a Student Communicator for the Guild, a School and Student Rep for my School and an Ambassador for the University.

Spread over 250 acres, the University has various state of the art and prestigious buildings, many of which are open for students to study. With so many students at Birmingham, the University gets pretty busy during exam and deadline time, so in this blog I will take you on a journey of some popular, hidden and some of the most social study spaces, to give you lots of options to choose from.

The Guild of Students (01 on Campus Map)

Image of the Guild's study space Regardless of whether  you are just starting your studies or continuing your degree, the beginning of a new academic year is always the time to make new friends and do some social networking. But, what’s the best place for studying as well as socialising? That would be the Guild, your very own Students’ Union.

The Guild is one of the best places to spend time on campus. From a dedicated study space to a student bar and a communal reception area, there’s a place for everyone. Come along to the first-floor study space if you wish to get some serious work done. Use your laptop, rent one from the library or just use one of the computer clusters up there. The Guild knows that focusing for long periods can be tiring at times, so you’re in the perfect place to take a break and enjoy some food from Joe’s Bar or Subway (ground floor).

Aston Webb Basement (R6 on Campus Map)

If you are a fan of the redbrick buildings and want to study in the heart of campus, then you’ll love this space.

In Aston Webb there is a huge study room, with quiet places, a computer cluster and group seating arrangements. This century old grade II listed building is perfect for individual or group work, and you can even use the quiet rooms for working on your assignments. Studying here has its own benefits, as you’re just a few steps away from Lapworth Museum or the Café in the Bramall Music building if you need a break.

Gisbert Kapp (G8 on Campus Map

If you are living in the Vale Village and are looking for a study option which is on your doorstep, then let me tell you about Gisbert Kapp, one of the newer editions to the University. Based away from central campus, this huge study space is unknown to many, meaning you can use it especially during exam periods when the library and common study spaces are packed! This space also has a nice café where you could have a hot drink to boost your productivity.

University Centre (R23 on Campus Map)

Image of University Centre on campus

If you have a long day at Uni or have a big break, then don’t forget to use the study spaces on the first floor of University Centre. Yes, the building has loads of study spaces, and (up until now) it’s still a space known to few!

The best thing about studying here is that you will find numerous food options, including: the UoB Food Fellows outlets, Spar and the Costa just downstairs.

If you are a Postgraduate, then you could even use the dedicated bar, perfect for networking and having interesting conversations.

Medical School (B1 on Campus Map)

Next up I am going to talk about one of the three libraries at the University: the Barnes Library in the Medical School. Whether or not you’re pursuing a medical course, you can access the building with your student ID card. Almost each floor of the building has a dedicated area to study, moreover it has its own MedCafe. The building is next to the University train station, so if you happen to arrive early or have long wait for the train then you could use this facility to get some work done.

And because taking time to relax is just as important as studying, I had to mention Winterbourne House and Gardens (G12 on Campus Map). This isn’t a study space but with its open green spaces, various plant species and a lovely lake, it’s a great place to take a break.


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