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Guild Statement: Confirmation of the reintroduction of External Memberships

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Following the meeting of the Guild’s Trustee Board on July 3rd, we are pleased to share that External Memberships will be returned in full. We can confirm that applications for External Memberships will open next month for the next academic year, with some additional safeguarding checks in place for certain categories of application.

Under this new system, students on a leave of absence, as well as Guild and University members of staff, will only need to provide their University linked emails for us to verify, in order to apply to become External Members of the Guild.

All other applicants will need to provide:

  1. a government issued DBS check (£18 cost), dated within 3 months of application, and
  2. a letter of recommendation from a current Full Member of the Guild. Upon receipt of these, the applicant will be able to apply for External Membership with no additional fee.

Carers of Students, as well as invited external trainers, will be welcome at the Guild and these individuals do not need to seek External Membership, although they of course can if they wish.

Student Groups will be supported by their Coordinators through this transition, and a helpful guide will be included on the External Membership page of the Guild website.

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