Next Steps Regarding Palestine Solidarity Motion

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Graphic that says 'Next Steps Regarding Palestine Solidarity Motion'

Across March and April 2024, an idea was submitted to the Guild of Students’ Democratic System titled ‘Palestine Solidarity’. This idea received 322 positive up-votes through the Demonstration of Interest process, out of a total 444 votes. This idea was live for 1 month on the Guild website and closed on Monday 20th May.

It was initially decided that the idea should be sent to the All-Student Vote. However, upon review it was concluded that the item must go through the Guild Action Group process. A summary of the Democratic Process can be found here.

This was due to the fact that several elements of the idea as submitted would not be possible for the Guild to implement. The Guild of Students is an educational charity and is therefore subject to legal duties which stipulate how it can use its resources. The Guild is not able to take action or use its resources (including the time of the Guild Officers as outlined in the Idea) to implement various elements of this idea in their current format.

Therefore, the Guild will use to Guild Action Group process to review the Palestine Solidarity motion to deliver a policy that can (at the discretion of the action group) be taken forward to an All-Student Vote in October 2024. Action groups for this idea specifically will be taken forward across July – September 2024.

The Guild President has outlined the following membership for the Action Group, with a first meeting scheduled for Tuesday 9th July at 12pm.

  • Guild President (Chair)
  • Part-Time Ethnic Minority Students Officer
  • 2x Student Society Spaces
  • 2x Open Student Spaces
  • 2-3x relevant Guild Staff for minuting and advice

If you are interested in one of the open spaces, have any questions regarding the motion or next steps, these can be sent to




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