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Airsoft & Paintball

What is it?

Airsoft and Paintball are team combat-simulation sports where players shoot at each other with projectiles made of plastic or paint. All players wear full face protection to keep us safe. A typical day of Airsoft or Paintball consists of multiple games each with a different mission scenario, such as capture the flag or defend the fort, most of which involve two large teams battling against each other to complete the objective. We also play in and host our own competitive tournaments in both Airsoft and Paintball!


How do I get involved?

We provide all the equipment, just turn up and play! We run games locally in Birmingham every two or three weeks that are easily accessible by public transport. Check out our Facebook page for details on upcoming events!

We also have taster sessions running throughout the year! - Find us on Facebook here

@uob.ubaps - Find us on Instagram here


Committee 2020/21

President - Simon Arends

Vice-President - Cameron Cook

Secretary - Adam Jones

Treasurer - Cameron Wilkes

Social-Secretary - Liv Seifert

First Year Representative - Russell Jones


The committee this year wants to provide:

  • Easy access to cheap rental equipment for both Airsoft and Paintball
  • Great socials to make new friends and talk about a common interest
  • Advice on getting your own kit and better understanding the sports
  • Access to interesting and new game styles, away games around Birmingham and the Midlands, shooting competitions and other outdoor activites
  • More involvement in our competitive tournaments as well as collaborations with more societies
  • Access to club merchandise, discounts on big brands and cheaper tickets

We hope to see you on the field!!!








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