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Hip Hop

Hip Hop Soc is a place to meet like-minded people who appreciate hip hop music. We have engaging, open discussions most weeks in a relaxed, discussion-in-your-living-room type environment. These range from new music and artists, to more timeless questions such as beats vs lyrics or old school vs new school. But part of our goal is to see hip hop spread more widely across the UK and we strongly encorage those who don't know a lot about hip hop, but want to know more, to come along and join in. We've always got good music to recommend.

We go to gigs together, host a quiz every term and also do an 'Essential Albums' list where we debate, revise and list 30 albums everyone, hip hop fans or not, should listen to. Once a term we also host both Rap and Production Workshops, where we show you, hands on, how to rap and make beats. It's always a good laugh!

We also host our own gig once a term which is a place where we try to collaborate with other societies and also show off our own talented performers. Whether you're a rapper, DJ, producer, breakdancer, beatboxer, whatever; the Jam is always a great chance to show everyone what you've got. And it's always a great night.

We like to see ourselves as a group of friends so hopefully we can get to know you as soon as possible and welcome you to the pack!

Make sure to join our active Facebook group, where discussions are always lively and (sometimes controversial) and where we'll be keeping you posted about our meetings, upcoming events, nights out to local shows and film screenings.

Currently we meet every Thursday (University House, 110), 6-8pm. We hope to see you there!