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Whether you are an experienced rock-climber looking for new challenges or a first-timer who wants to learn and try climbing both indoors and outdoors, UBMC is a large, highly active club at the University of Birmingham, who can provide opportunities for students to undertake mountaineering-related activities. The club is very proud of its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and members are only too happy to help people get started.

Weekly events

We meet regularly for bouldering at Depot on Monday evenings and roped climbing at  Redpoint on Wednesday afternoons. To get involved, like our Facebook page (this is where all information from the club can be found) and join our Facebook group where you can talk with other stoats (members of the club).


How to join

Joining the club can be done through the guild website. For only £41 you get membership for the entire academic year!


A reminder of the perks of joining the club:

  • Access to cheap club trips to many locations including: Wales, Scotland, the Lakes, Dorset, the Peak and Pembrokeshire
  • All gear provided for free to borrow!
  • British Mountaineering Council Insurance
  • Subsidised access to the Midland Association of Mountaineers (M.A.M.)
  • Subsidised training costs for First Aid qualifications, Single Pitch Award (SPA) training, Rope Works Course, Winter Skills Courses and many more...
  • Free advice and encouragement from experienced members of the club
  • The opportunity to join our team where you receive weekly training and have the option to travel to many competitions with us
  • Social events every other Wednesday that include pub crawls, trampoline parks, film nights and usually end at snobs!
  • Discounted shopping trips for climbing gear
  • 20% off at Cotswold Outdoor and 10% off many other outdoor shops including Rock On in Redpoint!


Founded in 1932, UBMC has a long and interesting history with over 85 years of climbing tradition to its name. Several routes across the country were established by pioneers who were members of this very club.

In the early days of UBMC an affiliation developed with the Midland Association of Mountaineers who were a local climbing club and are still very active to this day. The nickname "The Stoats" was given to UBMC by the MAM when one member noted that the way UBMC climbers stuck to the rock was very "stoat-like." The name has stuck and ever since then, UBMC members have been referred to as stoats, for better or worse!

On graduating from Birmingham many stoats join the MAM to keep climbing with friends they have made but also return to UBMC trips as "old gits" to show us how it should be done. Sometimes they also show us how it should not be done.