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Sherlock Holmes

A new society for anyone interested in Sherlock Holmes - both the original texts and the various adaptions - as well as any general mystery solving! If you like murder mysteries, Cluedo, Sherlockian puzzles, storytelling, criminology and of course watching Sherlock Holmes adaptions (with subtitles for those who may need them): this is the society for you. We always try to mix up the kind of activities we do each week to provide you with the most diverse experience from our society as possible. With that in mind, with us you may get to partake in perhaps some unique activities offered by the Guild's societies including the aforementioned murder mysteries as well as a puzzle-hunt hidden around campus. On top of that we also do a couple of trips across the year ranging from a local escape room to the Sherlock pub and museum in London. Lastly though, and perhaps most importantly, our activities are shaped by you; we want to make sure you have as much fun with us as we have running the sessions. Our sessions are held every Friday during term time between 5 and 7 in the afternoon (to keep apprised of the specific rooms for each week be sure to join our facebook group U.O.B. LockSoc).