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Want to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane? We jump whenever the sky is blue, and so can you! Skydiving Society is here to help you become a qualified skydiver whether you've had previous experience before or not. The Club is affiliated with the British Colleigate Parachute Association (BCPA) and Langar University Skydiving Team (LUST) which means we are part of a network of skydivers from Universities across the UK as well as have access to state of the art skydiving equipment.

We support our members at all stages of their skydiving training, from first time jumpers to experienced fliers.

Becoming a member of our club includes all these added benefits:

  • The best rates on training programmes at Skydive Langar 
  • Subsidised jump tickets
  • Use of the club kit
  • Socials every week
  • BCPA events all over the UK
  • Travel to the dropzone

Want to find out more? Come and have a chat with us at one of our socials - information on our Facebook page. 

Instagram: @skydivebham


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