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Welcome to UoB Startup Society!

Are you interested in learning how to start a business? Are you a big fan of Silicon Valley? Don't even know what Silicon Valley is? Don't worry, we're here for everyone.

Our purpose is to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship and the creation of startups at the University of Birmingham. We aim to teach you the entrepreneurial skills which you will find useful later on in your career, whether as a founder of your own enterprise or an employee in a company. Startup Soc is a platform where students can meet other students interested in technology, design and business, discuss new trends and pursue their ideas together.

Our events include:

  • STARTUP 101 LECTURES - an introduction to design, tech and business basics
  • COMPANY TREKS - Rate My Placement, Yorkshire & Clydesdale Bank, Wolverhampton City Council
  • EXPLORING NEW TRENDS LECTURES - Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, IoT
  • COMPETITIONS - The Birmingham Startup Games (yearly student startup pitch competition with a cash prize to win), Boot Camp, Hackhatons
  • SOCIALS - Drinks, Nights Out, Networking sessions

Our core value for the 2020/21 academic year is INCLUSIVITY. We welcome students from all backgrounds; you don't need to have a startup or even a startup idea to be an active member of our community. You don't need to study business and computer science to be an entrepreneur. Join us and become an entrepreneur in your own way.

We're looking forward to see you at our Societies' Fair stall on the 22th of September!

Join the most innovative society on campus, join the Startup Society.


Ask us anything via email ( or via our brand new FB chatbot!

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