Embrace the biggest student election in Birmingham. The entire student body can elect their next Guild Officer Team. This is your chance to make a real difference.

1.Could you lead?

5 Dec > 9 Jan

Your chance to decide whether you’ve got what it takes to step up and fight for the best for Birmingham students. Think you’ve got what it takes? Tell us you’re interested here.

2. Candidates step up

10 Jan > 30 Jan

Elections nominations officially open and anyone ready to step up throws their name into the ring.

3. Time to vote

23 Feb - 12 midday > 2 Mar - 12 midday

Pipe up and give your candidates a piece of your mind. Want them to campaign for more space in the library, cheaper rents or better food on campus? It’s time to join in and see which candidates speak up for your views and wants – before you cast that all important ballot.

Got more questions? Visit our FAQs for more information on elections.