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All Student Vote

All Student Vote

Our last All Student Meeting, which took place on Wednesday 30th November, was not quorate - so we’re asking you to take part in an All Student Vote!

You will be able to vote on the following ideas and Beliefs & Commitments:

N.B. You may want to refer to the following trigger warnings and content warnings before viewing the ideas and Beliefs & Commitments:  Living Wage campaign, cost of living crisis, financial issues, UCU Strike Action, PGR student experience, political engagement, divestment/fossil free, careers/jobs, equal pay, workers’ rights.

Idea Submissions:

  • Living Wage Motion
  • The Guild Should Support UCU’s PGR Manifesto
  • The Guild Should Stand For Fossil Free Careers
  • The Guild Should Support Workers Demanding Equal Pay From Birmingham City Council.

Beliefs & Commitments:

  • Political Engagement

What’s quorate?

Quorate means having a certain number of students in attendance to make decisions and vote on ideas and policy proposals. As we did not reach the required number of attendees at the All Student Meeting, items that were allocated to the All Student Meeting have been put up for an All Student Vote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the All Student Vote?

The All Student Vote is a chance for ALL UoB students to vote on student ideas and policy proposals that have been allocated from the All Student Meeting.

 Ideas and policy proposals are allocated from the All Student Meeting if:

  • The All Student Meeting is not quorate (we need 416 students to attend to vote on ideas and policy proposals)


  • The All Student Meeting is quorate and students cannot make a decisions on (an) idea(s) and/or policy proposal(s)


  • Students at the All Student Meeting generally feel that more student input is needed on (an) idea(s) and/or policy proposal(s) 

N.B. Please refer to the All Student Vote Glossary for the definition of “quorate”

How and where will voting take place?

Voting for the All Student Vote will usually take place online, on the Guild of Students website. For this round, voting will take place at from Monday 5th December, 10am – Monday 12th December, 4pm.

When I have read the idea(s) and/or policy proposal(s) to be voted on, what do I do next?

You can vote “Yes” (agree) or “No” (disagree) or “Abstain” if you do not wish to vote “Yes” or “No” but would like to cast your vote.

How many times can I vote?

Every UoB student can only vote ONCE for each idea. You need to be logged into the Guild website with your student account in order to be able to do this. 

What if I have questions or comments?

Every UoB student will be able to comment on the idea(s) and/or policy proposal(s) online. Please note that your comments will not be anonymous.

If you have any further questions or concerns, you can contact your Officer Team: Officer Team - Guild of Students 

What if I have questions or comments that are related to Liberation concerns, and I would like these to be anonymous?

Liberation concerns include issues related to equality, diversity and inclusion. You can contact the relevant Liberation Part-Time Officers), and they can add the comments on your behalf. Your comments will be anonymised. 

Does the All Student Vote have a “quorum”, like the All Student Meeting?

Yes, similar to the All Student Meeting, the All Student Vote has a “quorum” of 1% of all current UoB students. This means that this academic year, 1% of the UoB student population (i.e. 416 students) needs to vote in the All Student Vote for the votes to count and be valid.

How many votes would be needed for the idea to pass?

If 416 students voted, 209 students would need to vote “Yes” (agree) for the idea to pass (50% of the votes cast + 1).

How is the “quorum” calculated?

The “quorum” for both All Student Meeting and All Student Vote is calculated at the start of the academic year and is calculated as 1% of the registered UoB student population for that academic year. 

What happens if the All Student Vote is not quorate?

The idea/policy is not actioned.

What happens to the idea after voting has ended?

The Guild will count the votes. If the idea has passed, your Officer Team will decide how they will take the idea forward. If the idea does not pass, no further action will be taken. 

I’m struggling to understand some words for the All Student Vote, what do I do?

You can look at the All Student Vote Glossary

Where can I find out more information about the All Student Vote, All Student Meeting, student ideas and policy proposals, and the Guild of Students in general?

For the Guild of Students in general, you can look at the Guild website Who We Are section.

For the All Student Vote, All Student Meeting, and student ideas and policy proposals, you can look at the below links:

You can always contact the below teams too to find out more:

Your Officer Team:

Your Student Voice Team:

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Voting is only available for students at the University of Birmingham.

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