All Student Vote

All Student Vote

Outstanding Belief And Commitments Of The Previous Democratic System

Between January 2024 and June 2024 the Guild will be re-submitting a series of outstanding Belief and Commitments which will need re-approval within the Democratic System. These Belief and Commitments require re-approval as through a Guild Internal review it has been confirmed minutes or votes for these items cannot be fully evidenced. These are listed below:

  • Hidden Course Costs
  • Climate Change
  • Consultation
  • Student Access to Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Feminism
  • Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment
  • Gender Neutral Toilets
  • Anti-Racism and Anti Fascism
  • Discrimination
  • The Guild’s Response to Anti-Semitism
  • European Union
  • Societies
  • The Student Movement
  • Postgraduates Who Teach
  • Postgraduate Experience
  • Academic Representation

Please note that until these items are reviewed by a Guild Action Group and/or are taken to an All Student Vote – these Belief and Commitments are still considered live policies and any amendments will be reflected on the policy tracker and subsequent Democratic Minutes. The phasing by which these items will be taken to Guild Action Groups and the All Student Vote will be shared shortly. 

The Housing and Hidden Course Costs Belief and Commitments have already been reviewed and re-approved as new policies through Guild Action Groups. The minutes of these will be shared soon.

In our latest All Student Vote 3 article, we have outlined next steps and plans, including an opportunity for you to sign up to attend a Guild Action group for the remaining Belief and Commitments - you can read more below.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can be involved in shaping and influencing these Belief and Commitments or require further information – please contact Student Voice.

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