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Current Campaigns

The Guild has a proud history of making changes at Birmingham.

These are the campaigns that students at Birmingham are already running. If you agree with their aims, then get involved!

Not On

The #NotOn Campaign

Not On is a joint campaign, launched by the University of Birmingham and the Guild of Students, to raise awareness of sexual harassment issues.

The aim of the campaign is to promote an environment in which sexual harassment of any kind is deemed to be wholly unacceptable and to enable students to have the knowledge, ability and confidence to report and take action against all forms of sexual harassment.

Not On Ambassadors: From left to right: Chris, Rhian, Emily, Drew

The Not On campaign is now supported by 4 Not On Student Ambassadors, thanks to funding from the University.

From left to right:

Hi! I'm Chris and I'm a second year student here at UoB studying Politics, Philosophy and Religion. My standard fun fact is that once I went on holiday to Tim Henman's villa in Portugal. I'm so excited to be a Not On Ambassador as I think it's a cause that we really need to raise awareness about. Sexual abuse is going on all around us and we need to be educated on how to recognise and stop this as a bystander, but also on consent so that we can enjoy ourselves at University in a safe and fun way.

Hi I'm Rhian, a second year Drama and Theatre Arts from Cardiff. Fun fact about myself is that I once proposed to Danny Dyer on my older sister's behalf, in front of a congregation of strangers whilst dressed as a bridesmaid at his fake wedding. Pretty sure that's quite unusual? I wanted to be a Not On Ambassador for University of Birmingham because I truly believe this campaign can combat the taboo surrounding harassment and its counterparts - as well as striving to educate the students here at UoB on what consent really is and how to help reduce the shocking number of cases of unacceptable behaviour in our community and beyond.

My name is Emily, I study English Lit, Classical Lit and Civilisation. I guess a fun fact about me is that my trousers are always so big because they hold so many secrets. And snacks. I was interested in being an Ambassador for Not On because hey, it’s one of the most important organisations here and I want to do everything I can to help its progress.

Hi I’m Drew and I’m in my second year at UoB studying Biomedical Science. A fun fact about me is I always have to add my middle names to my username on social media because otherwise when you search “Drew Hanson” you find 1000s of American men… I wanted to be a Not On Ambassador because I believe sexual consent and harassment are vitally important issues (especially to students!) and we need to increase our understanding and raise awareness. Without consent, sex just isn’t sex.

Not on Ambassadors

Supported by Guild Advice, the Ambassadors will be running 1 hour workshops that can help you learn more about consent in relation to sexual harassment, so you feel confident looking after yourself and your friends on a night out. The workshops are available for student groups, committee, teams and societies – book yours here. (Please note, workshops can only be delivered to established groups of students at present, and for a maximum of 20 students at any one time!).

All groups that complete the workshop will receive a ‘Not On Approved’ rosette which can be used on all your communications.

In time we will be offering open access workshops for individual students to attend!. For more information about this,


“You report, we support”

The University of Birmingham is committed to ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all students, and to responding appropriately to any incidents of sexual assault. As part of our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our students, the University has introduced an on-line reporting tool. This reporting tool has been designed specifically for students who have been sexually assaulted. Support and advice will be available to any student that reports an incident of sexual assault.

The online reporting form is now live here.


You can find more advice and support about sexual assault and harassment here.

Fossil Free

The Divest-Invest Movement is an international campaign to remove the ‘social licence’ that fossil fuel, tobacco and arms companies have from their connections to large organisations like banks, governments and universities. People and Planet estimate that UK Universities have £5.2bn invested in fossil fuels, through their endowments and pensions. This amounts to £1,804 for every HE student.

Fossil Free is a campaign run by UoB Environmental Society and supported by the Guild which is asking the university to remove its investments from the fossil fuel industry, and reinvest them in renewable energy and sustainable ethical projects.



Campaign Timeline

September 2015

The Fossil Free team and the National Union of Students use a Freedom of Information request to ask the University about its investments.

April 2016

The Guild starts working with Fossil Free to help coordinate and support its activities.

17th October 2016

The Fossil Free team, along with Guild Officers, have an initial meeting with the university’s finance team to outline their demands and plans on how the university can move forward with removing its investments from the fossil fuel industry.

28th October 2016

The Fossil Free team send a list of detailed of priorities and demands to the university.

25th November 2016

The Fossil Free team start the Environmental Society to help grow the campaign.

13th April 2017

WIN! The university agrees to publish a breakdown of it’s fossil fuel and other investments each year without freedom of information requests, making UoB’s investment far more transparent.

5th February 2018

The Fossil Free campaign holds a day of action on campus, encouraging students and staff to sign an open letter to Sir David Eastwood, Vice-Chancellor to remove UoB investments from the fossil fuel industry. The open letter has been signed by more than 400 staff and students.

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