Autumn Term Elections - Welcome and Introduction

The Autumn Term elections are your chance to have your say on who leads your Guild this year. Vote to help decide who will represent the views of over 38,000 students while making a real difference to our University community. The following information will give you an insight into the positions that are up for election, support available from the Guild and how the election works.  

This is your chance to change things and help all students ‘make the most out of university life’

Elections Schedule:

  • Apply from:   Monday 7th October, 10am
  • Apply until:  Friday 18th October at 4pm
  • Election training: 21st October 6pm
  • Voting opens: Monday 28th October at 10am
  • Voting closes: Friday 1st November at 4pm
  • Results: Monday 4th November (via email)

Autumn Term Elections

All Guild Committees empower you to make changes on the issues that matter to you. Each has its own remit, so you can be sure that whatever your interests, there will be a role that’s just right for you.

All roles are part-time, so they can be completed alongside any study commitments.

Election Documents:

In order to apply for a role, you must adhere to the Guild’s Election Regulations and Bye Law 8 (Elections). The Law, Institution and Union rules also all count and become election rules, including the Guild’s Zero Tolerance Policy & Bullying & Harassment Policy.

All Guild elections are overseen by the Guild’s Returning Officer who is responsible for ensuring that every election is free fair and open. The Guild’s Returning Officer is the University’s Registrar and Secretary who deputises their role to an NUS Returning Officer.

You can find all the important documents and policies you will need to run as a candidate below:

Election Guide

Election Guide: Please click here to download the Guide for Autumn Term Elections.

Election Regulations

Please click here to download the Guild of Students’ Election Regulations. All candidates must read these regulations and ensure their supporters & campaign teams are also made aware of these rules. It is the candidate’s responsibility to be aware of these rules – ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them. Therefore you should contact Student Voice on  if you are unclear or need further assistance on any of the regulations at any time. 

Guild of Students Bylaws

Please click here  to download the Guild of Students’ Byelaws. Please refer to Bye Law 8 with regards to Elections and Bye Law 6 with regards to Committees of the Guild.

Complaints Policy

Please click here  to download the Complaints Policy. This explains how we will deal with any elections complaints. You will find a Complaint Form below.

Complaints Form

Please click here  to download the Complaint Form. A student or candidate wishing to submit an election complaint must do so by using the Guild of Students Election Complaint Form. This must be sent by email to

All complaints must be substantiated with evidence in support of their complaint where possible.

 Link to complaint forms

List of Freely Available Items

Please click here  to download the List of Freely Available Items. These are items that you can use without having to make a claim on your budget. All other items you wish to use must come out of your allocated budget.

Additional Support for Disabled Candidates

Please click here  to download the Guild’s Policy on Additional Support for Disabled Candidates.

Written Statement Guidance

When you apply it is advised that you also submit a written statement to tell everyone why they should vote for you. Some advice is provided below:

Written Statement

A Written Statement is an opportunity to tell others why they should vote for you, and what you hope to do in the role.

There is a word limit on Written Statements, this is 200 words.

Written Statements can be submitted online. They will then be used in Guild elections publicity. If you need assistance in uploading them, please send them to  

There are no rules about what should be included, but as a guide you can use the following questions:

  • What do you want to achieve in this role to benefit the student population?
  • What has inspired you to run for this role?

Further information on what to include can be found in the elections guide.


Candidates for some positions are provided with a budget to support them to apply. This has been set at:

Role Budget
Guild Committee roles £10
NUS delegate roles £10

Please note, School, College and Senate student representative positions do not have budget support. This is due to the number of roles that exist and for parity across all levels of student representation.

All items, except those on the list of freely available items, must be claimed for – this includes all postage and packaging.

If you are worried about having the money to run in the election, please contact us on or come in and see us and we will be able to help.

Contact Us

General - 0121 415 9990

Elections - 0121 415 8943

Campaigns - 0121 415 8944

Student Reps - 0121 415 8945


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