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Hello, I'm Ellie and I'm the President of the Guild (a fancy way of saying Students' Union) this academic year. As President, I will be leading and supporting the rest of the officer team whilst together, we shape the direction of the Guild throughout the year. Whilst working on fulfilling my manifesto and following up on Your Ideas, I will also be representing you to the university, sitting on lots of boards and committees and making sure that your voice is heard in university decision making. And one last thing - I was elected by students and I'm here for you, so check my Facebook and Twitter for when I'll be in my office, pop in and have chat!

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My manifesto

officer action plan - Progress Reports

The below outlines progress against key points in my Officer Action Plan. Click each heading to collapse / view progress updates. If you have any questions regarding these, I'd be happy to discuss. Please feel free to get in touch using the 'Contact Me' section above.

Progress Status

85% Complete
  • Encourage students sign up to a GP upon arrival in Birmingham

    I designed a healthcare information leaflet that was distributed to over 7000 students at Freshers’ Fair and throughout Welcome Week. Sept 2016
  • Make the process of signing up to a GPa simple and understandable one

    I was particularly keen to ensure that this information covered all the basics of what the NHS is and does and how to access the best services for your needs, with international students in mind. – September 2016 I also built website information with the University’s student services and communications teams to ensure that centrally managed information is student facing and friendly. Aug / Sept 2016
  • Run a healthcare / selfcare campaign / week

    I need to run the self-care week – I’d like this to be part of De-Stresstival! May 2017
  • Encourage students to take the MEN C jab

    The Guild distributed over 7000 ‘Spot the Symptoms’ Meningitis cards throughout welcome week. I spent a lot of time myth busting the Meningitis ACWY vaccine with local GP services to ensure that students get up to date information as changes are made to the policy. I also ensured that this up to date information will be communicated to the Guild in future so that it can be fed down in student communications. Sept 2016
  • Ensure that Key Guild Staff members receive mental health first aid training

    I worked with Ross, the Welfare Officer to ensure that frontline Guild staff had the opportunity to become mental health first aid trained by taking part in a certified 2 day intensive training course. Nov 2016
  • Equip students to deal with Flu season

    After failed attempts to get Lloyds Pharmacy in to give the vaccination, I shared a blog post with the information on Jan 2017

Progress Status

70% Complete
  • Review the contract with Castle Cars and act accordingly where this contract is not being upheld by either party.

    I have reviewed the Castle Cars contract and have been looking into other possible affiliations. Following a successful Idea on Your Ideas, I have stated that the Guild will not be affiliating with Castle Cars when the contract terminates in June. I must now put out to tender on the contract and ensure that the new affiliated company is safe and reliable.June 2017
  • Extend the ‘Not On’ Campaign into transport services and the local area

    When putting out to tender (around June time) for another affiliation, I will be making it a requirement that the Not On campaign is recognised by the firm and that some level of training or information is given to the drivers of said firm. I would still like to see the Not On campaign extended into the local area, but for longevity of this, it is better to allow Not On ambassadors to fulfil this task and, at present, the Ambassador scheme is finding its feet. Ongoing

Progress Status

100% Complete
  • Get a better and more user friendly website & Increase the positive experience of using the Guild’s website

    A new Guild website was launched in August and I have been working with the Communications and Marketing team to ensure that it is working well for students. This included holding a paid focus group where students were invited to offer feedback on further improvements that could be made to the website in future phases. Student feedback on the website is an ongoing process and will forever be. Ongoing
  • Ensure that relevant information is on the Guild website so that students who do not access the Guild building do not miss out on Guild services and information

    I have so far ensured that relevant information such as campaign funding and planning, officer censures and reprimands and Officer Question Time submissions have become key features of the website. Keeping the website up to date is an ongoing job. Ongoing
  • Ensure that phase 2 of the Guild website is accessible for people with disability access needs

    I ensured that students with access needs were part of the above mentioned focus groups and that accessibility to the website is a priority in the next phases of design. Ongoing

Juicy Jobs

Progress Status

100% Complete
  • Ensure that students who must work to financially sustain themselves have systems in place should this affect their studies.

    I have fought for the University to change their Extenuating Circumstances Policy in order to recognise that some students must work to survive and that this can put strain on their academic work. Implemented for academic year 17/18Dec 2016
  • Ensure that students know how and when to get a job in the guild.

    I have worked with Jobs, Skills and Volunteering to plan a Guild Jobs fair for National Student Employment Week event (in February) so that students who want a job in the Guild know how and when to get one! Feb 2017
  • Ensure that students who work are fully equipped to do so.

    I have been working with Jobs, Skills and Volunteering to develop a Student Workers handbook / info leaflet which outlines the rights that students have whilst working alongside studying. These can be collected from JSV and will be handed out at future events. Feb 2017
  • Ensure that students have the opportunity and financial resources to explore entrepreneurship

    I have linked up with BeEnterprising (the University’s Enterprising department) to provide new student groups with enterprising training to take part in the KickStart programme to get their society up and running effectively. Feb 2017
  • Ensure that students have the opportunity to effectively communicate how running a society makes them entrepreneurial and how to articulate that into interview situation or CV writing.

    In my work with BeEnterprising I have secured agreement for them to deliver tailored and bespoke committee training during the annual Student Groups Conference. June 2017

Progress Status

100% Complete
  • Have students using the campaigns pot for student led campaigns / Change the focus of the campaigns pot and make the process of applying for funding easier

    I have worked with the Campaigns Coordinator to ensure that all students can apply for funding from the campaigns pot to run their own campaigns across campus.This involved building a programme of online and staff led support for these students to be effective in their campaigning. Nov 2016
  • Held events with local MPS and/or Mayoral Candidates

    I have worked with the University’s public affairs team and the political student societies to secure a date for each West Midlands Mayoral candidate to attend the Guild for a student question and answer session. Jan / May 2017
  • Ensure that the student voice is heard on national issues

    With other Presidents (from Aston and BCU) I have arranged and attended meetings with MPs in Westminster and submitted documents and evidence following these. Topics included Brexit, Erasmus, research funding, community cohesion, tuition fees and widening participation in higher education. This is an ever ongoing process. Jan 2017
  • Ensure that the student voice is heard on national issues

    I ensured that the Guild provided free accessibly transport to and led students on the NUS national demo, United for Education. Nov 2017






To ensure that you get what you need from us, when you need it, we have created a set of promises which we will always aim to deliver.

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Every year, you elect fellow students to your Officer Team, who represent you and lead your union. Each Officer has their own roles and remit which you can view below. You have a chance to make sure your elected Officers are doing what they said they will, by attending Officer Question Time held each term.

 Ellie Keiller - Guild President 2016-17
Natalie Cox - Activities & Development Officer 2016-17
Chris Wilkinson - Education Officer 2016-17
Izzie Nicholds - Housing & Community Officer 2016-17
Rose Bennett - Postgraduate Officer 2016-17
Brandon Hattiloney - Representation & Resources Officer 2016-17
Georgie Freeman - Sports Officer 2016-17
Ross Strong - Welfare Officer 2016-17

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