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African Business

The African Business Society aims to provide a platform at the University of Birmingham, for the discussion of Africa business related affairs. The society draws together like-minded students that share an interest in business and entrepreneurship in Africa. With a concentration of such like-minded individuals, the society provids a conducive environment for members to educate themselves about the various developments in the African business world and the global business environment from Africa’s point of view. 

In order to foster knowledge acquisition, the society hosts workshops that reveal existent issues and encourage critical analysis in order to understand the underlying factors at play. The society also mobilizes members to partake in the numerous educative events such as Africa related business conferences, summits and workshops that are held within the United Kingdom. In addition, the society utilizes the services of individuals with business experience in Africa through, special talks and presentations. 

Through interactive workshops and team-work amongst members, we encourage the development of entrepreneurial ideas that solve some of the existent problems prevalent through the continent. 

The African Business Society at the University of Birmingham, as an overall vision, aims to develop individuals that are well informed about business on the African continent and dedicated to the sustainable exploitation of the numerous existent opportunities.


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